These disorders appear at birth or during early childhood and continues throughout life. In this state, suffers from the man himself and his entourage. Psychosis can occur in conjunction with mental illness as a separate mental disorder.

The reasons for the development of this disorder are: pathology of pregnancy, injuries, infectious diseases at an early age, affecting the brain and nervous system (meningitis, encephalitis), intoxication, wrong education.

Psychopathy is manifested inadequate responses to any emerging situation, extreme emotions (shyness, resentment, vindictiveness, etc.). This mental disorder has several types, such as asthenic, psychasthenic, paranoid, schizoid, and etc. They differ in the type of reaction, irritability. The difference also lies in how people of a particular type to tolerate exercise, how fast he gets tired.

In remission treatment is not required. In the period of exacerbation are measures of social and psychotherapy, medication. Treatment appoints and leads a psychiatrist. Prescription drugs depends on the type of psychopathy. The prognosis of the treatment of this condition is favorable.