As a t-shirt, the revolution in clothing made military. The heat forced the soldiers to cut the pants, and the local designers, covered by the joyful idea with great inspiration began to cut cropped pants. If earlier shorts were considered only seasonal summer clothes, today's modern fashionista learned to draw them as stylish clothes even in winter. And it's all in the cut!

Mini skirt too sexy and a strictly prohibited office dress code. Shorts, due to the detailed closeness that is allowed in many institutions around the world. Several years does not leave the popularity rating among the summer wear short shorts with a high waist. Because the legs quite bare, and the buttocks is not upholstered. This style removed from vulgarity. Recommended long, wide shorts with high thallium middle-aged women. Preferably with mixed patterns, allowing to hide figure flaws.

Correctly selected shorts visually make the figure more slender and even create the illusion of long legs. Among young people and not only remain popular shorts slinky fabrics, emphasizing sexual body parts and causing erotic fantasies. Rhinestones decoration still not out of fashion, and the fluorescent colors do not leave the collections of leading fashion houses of Europe.

Buying shorts, you need to remember that the main focus of the image to focus on the legs. Therefore, people with imperfect feet stylists do not recommend to choose short shorts. Choose preferably elongated patterns or Capri. The shorts are easy to match your shoes, regardless of heel height. They fit ankle boots, lace summer boots, Slippers, sandals, moccasins and shoes.

To narrow shorts selected a wide tunic or a spacious top. The loose-fitting shorts, if the figure is good to wear with fitted clothing, mixing the light capes. Winter shorts worn with parkay, either under a coat or a sheepskin coat. Boots getting high. Leggy is permissible to wear shorts timberlands or military boots.

Are the actual shorts in the style of "military" with t-shirts, colored with different prints. A perfect combination of shorts with a leather biker jacket, will not leave without attention of picky shoppers. A sweatshirt is draped over the shorts, remains a formal choice of urban beauties when cool.

But, whatever the figure, more comfortable shorts and summer clothes until you come up with!