To begin to understand the concept of "insolence." In Ushakov's explanatory dictionary the word "audacity" is explained as "abusive disrespect, arrogance, rudeness." What we mean by the word "bold" in the old days was called "daring", "boldness", from which comes the word "presume". To be bold means to dare, to dare, to dare, to presume, to encroach.
To be daring, first and foremost, you need to believe in their capabilities, skill and luck. It's impossible to be cocky and insecure at the same time. And to believe in yourself, you just need to want it.
Every bold move is a risk. To be able to take risks, to be bold and decisive: "we need to Fight - so fight!". After all, what distinguishes bold from indecisive person? While indecisive is in a corner and mumbles something, daring boldly says what he thinks. And by the way, it's not so easy. After all, how we were raised? "Keep your head down", "be a good (obedient) boy/girl", "everybody does it", etc. So, you need to throw all these installations-limiters out of my head. Because being bold means to trust yourself and to question authority.
Audacity is always a beyond and a violation of the conventions. There is a saying - "on the verge of a foul" (it is associated with sports term foul is "foul"). And in this respect to be daring means to be a little "bully" in the shower. And this requires courage. Courage is what is called youthful prowess, recklessness or carelessness. Courage is a state of mind, when there is a feeling, breathe deeply and you can have it all. The secret of courage is the magic word "Easy!" And after the courage to drive there - the energy charge, the "wings".
Sounds tempting, isn't it? Now compare the typical state of the majority. You work with somebody, are interested in something, love somebody, but still you can't shake the feeling that something is missing! Everything is somehow grey, ordinary, boring and mediocre. So, to change this, to be bold and Express themselves. In the end, we live only once and you should live it brightly and boldly. Go for it!