How confident are you in yourself

In the first second man observes your posture, keep you head straight, eye contact. If Yes, you create the impression of a confident woman that is attractive to men.

Whether you are a good mother

Men are naturally programmed with the ability first glance, subconsciously to guess how high female fertility. Scientists have proved that in the first moments, the man estimates the ratio of waist and hip indicates that a woman is fertile or not.

How will sex with you

If you neuhozheny and slovenly dressed, thus sending a signal that appearance does not interest you. Men disheveled and slovenly appearance is automatically transferred so that you are not interested in sex, and erotic experience with you will be quite fresh.

How you independent

Not afraid to wear a dress when everyone else is in jeans? Thus, you show that you are a person with its own opinion, and it is always attractive for men.

How you healthy

There is evidence that people subconsciously judge how others have a symmetrical face. It more symmetrical, the more attractive it is for others. This speaks to the high quality genetic composition.