Bosses at work, seeing his self-doubt, prefers to give serious orders and those who are really confident and will be able to achieve success in the developed business. If everything is exactly the opposite and the wife believes in his wife as much as no one in this world, she strongly supports and praises him in all his Affairs. If something does not work as good as he would have wanted his wife will support and say that it is not so scary, and he'll be able to succeed. As practice shows, such confidence in her lover's side the fair sex really gives men strength for new achievements and success. No wonder they say that the success of the men in his woman.

Loss of confidence men may not even be that woman constantly accuses him of something, but because a woman, despite all her femininity and weakness, is responsible for many male functions, which essentially should make it spouse. He begins to feel that a woman could do without him, and he did. As a result, the man becomes completely indifferent to household Affairs. The effect of indifference is doubled several times, if the woman prefers all the work to do yourself, so it also demonstrates that the man she is completely indifferent, that is, that feelings for him it seems to be actually not experiencing. This in turn leads not only to the fact that the man is indifferent, but to what he does with his hand is not paying attention to him cold woman.

If a wife believes in her husband, and strongly supports their faith, then all the people around him think about it admiringly. A woman is always important to consult with your partner. What is the opinion of my husband matters to wives, boosts his confidence and gives him the opportunity to raise your level of masculinity.

Women should always remember the fact that they are able to develop in man, only those qualities on which they focus, that is, they mold themselves to your man.