Respect your husbandEven if love as the years erased, then respect must be present in your heart always. Husband, father to your children and your stone wall. Treat it with gratitude, that you have a desire to become the perfect wife for him.
Be originalsource boring everyday surprises for husband. If you Wake up before the spouse, write on the bathroom mirror the words of love lipstick, and at night buy a sexy negligee. After work, you can not sit, as usual, at home, and go to the movies or for a walk. From time to time change the daily routines, to boredom you did not attend.
Try to look at 100 % at work, home and high-grade work of course, you put things in full Marafet. The house enough to put your hair in a neat hairstyle, a little touch up the eyes and wear a light dress or sporty outfit, flattering your figure. The perfect wife should not wear a robe or dingy t-shirt which is several sizes larger.
Praise your husband,Men need recognition and approval. Instead of once again remind him of the bucket full of garbage and not nailed to the shelf, and focus your attention on the fact that he did. For example, thank you for the dish washed after dinner, praise for what he patted his shirt, threw the socks in the wash, not next to the sofa. And after a while you will notice that the husband will promptly fulfill your requests and to help around the house.
Maintain husband
Become his best friend, what should be the perfect wife. Be interested in his Affairs at work, his Hobbies. However, you should not dopytyvat the cause of his bad mood if he doesn't want to talk about it. Better let him stay with himself and wait until he can tell you himself.
Be mistress ajustat perfect wife means to be not only best friend but also a great partner in bed. Do not deny her husband the pleasure if you are tired or not in the spirit. Great sex is energizing and uplifting.