Faithfulness in marriage is a natural human desire or stereotype?

For centuries, entering into marriage, spouses give each other the oath of allegiance. In the Christian Bible and in the sacred books of other religions there is a clear indication that husband and wife should keep each other faithful. Adultery for believers – the grievous sin. However, with the onset of the sexual revolution, the spread of contraception and safe sex, attitudes to adultery have changed. For treason is no longer beating with whips and not expelled in disgrace from the house. Often you can even hear what each other are changing, and there is nothing to worry. There were such things as physical and spiritual betrayal that physical cheating and it is sex without love, means nothing. Really, adultery is a relic of the past?

In fact, whatever we may impose the supporters of the free love, faithfulness in marriage is a natural human desire, and the cheating wife or husband is absolutely not normal behavior. A loving person will never be able to accept infidelity its second half. Just as the man who is happily married, truly loved and satisfied sexually, will not look to the left. The only exceptions are people that sexual promiscuity which is beyond the scope of normality.

Cheating wife – a blow below the belt

Fidelity were esteemed at all times, while adultery was heavily frowned upon. However, the cheating men are always treated less severely if there was a betrayal of his wife, such behavior could cost lives. Today, of course, unfaithful wives are not executed and not imprisoned, but the cases where the man was beaten or even killed his wife after learning about the affair, there are in our civilized world.

As practice shows, the woman is easier to endure her husband's infidelity. Man cheating wife can wound for life. Men see it as a low blow and betrayal. Many are beginning to doubt the man's usefulness, because if the wife went to the left, so she's lacking something sexually.

Do I need a man faithful to his wife? Of course, we need. No normal man will not want to live with a slutty woman. Fidelity is the rock on which to build the whole family life. Easy to treat adultery its second half can only be a person who does not like or does not like to look for love on the side. If you are not ready to have sex with one person and be faithful to him, then, and sense to marry there.