To get rid of the extra 20 pounds, you need to reconsider basic provisions of their own routine and diet, to limit the total amount of daily food intake. The greatest amount of food should be eaten during Breakfast, slightly smaller lunch, and dinner - very small portion allotted for data day products. It is necessary to limit salt intake (it is the main culprit of the swelling and fluid retention in the body). Food should be not only tasty, but also useful - with the maximum quantity of products of plant origin.

Lose weight in a month by 20 pounds really, but it will take certain sacrifices in the form of a waiver of Goodies. From the diet should completely eliminate fried potatoes, macaroni and flour products, smoked products, bacon, ketchup and mayonnaise. Meat is possible, but it is important to give preference to low-fat varieties. Meat dishes are best baked in the oven, cook in a double boiler (a pressure cooker) or simmer.

In the process of losing weight is completely off limits is alcohol, it is also important to stop Smoking.

For an effective fight against fat, otsloivshiesya where it should not be, it is important to drink daily 2-3 liters of water. Such a drinking regimen helps to eliminate toxins and normalizes metabolism, and is essential for quick weight loss.

If your dream is to lose 20 pounds in a month, you must keep accurate calorie count. Remember that for women with minimal physical activity, and sedentary work daily ration is 1200 calories for men – 2500. If for some reason you have gone beyond these numbers, to expel from the body of excess calories will allow doing the hard work or active exercise.

Pay special attention to physical activity. Can go from work to work on foot? Do this daily, if weather conditions permit, and the air is not polluted by the exhaust of cars. Sports – the most effective method of fighting fat. Write a program for the implementation of pre-selected exercises and start training. In the course of exercise consumed calories from the body leaving the water in the form of sweat and waste products in the form of a salt discharge. All this contributes to rapid and efficient separation with 20 extra pounds.