What weight loss method most effective

So you've decided to lose weight. Of course, you want to do it in the shortest possible time. But think about it, over what period of time you gained those extra pounds? Certainly not the day and not two and not even for a month. Therefore, to lose them for a week is unlikely.

To quickly say goodbye to the hateful fat, you can choose for yourself one of the strictest diets. Such a great deal. But be sure that the result will be short-lived, exhausted body very quickly return all their stocks. In addition, you may experience health problems.

The best and proven way to lose weight is proper nutrition and sports.

How to become the owner of a perfect figure

First learn the basics of proper nutrition. It will help you to overcome fatty tissue. The result will not be instantaneous, but your new shape will delight you for a very long time, and if you eat properly your whole life, then the problems with excess weight you'll have never.

Replace sweets with fruit. They will fill your body with useful nutrients and will not remain on the hips in the form of fat deposits. Eat them in the first half of the day, as they contain sucrose, which in large quantities can impede weight loss.
Your daily diet should be at least 500 grams of vegetables. They not only will fill you up with vitamins, but also help to cleanse the body.

Forget about pastries and fast food. For Breakfast eat porridge without butter and with a minimum amount of salt. Prepare food in any way other than frying to contain minimal number of fats.

For dinner, eat proteins with vegetables. This can be, for example, fish, chicken Breasts, low-fat cottage cheese or boiled eggs with salad. Remember that the last meal should occur within 3-4 hours before bedtime.

Be sure to drink water. The daily rate of water – 1.5-2 liters. Water increases the metabolism and promotes weight loss, in addition, it cleanses the body and rejuvenates the skin.

If you want to accelerate weight loss and create a truly beautiful body, work out. It can be anything: gym, running, dancing, aerobics, swimming, body Flex, etc. It is the sport that will overtake your fat into muscles, so you will not only become leaner, but also stronger. If sports does not work, arrange a long walks at a fast pace.

Eat right, exercise and you never have to torment themselves debilitating diet.