What are the main disadvantages of drastic weight loss? First and foremost, unsightly stretch marks that are very difficult to get rid of. Will certainly appear and sagging folds because the skin does not have time to catch up with a sharp weight loss. You will have more focus on physical activities, if you want to change such a sad consequence of rapid weight loss.

Usually losing weight in a short time the practice of those who urgently need to get in shape to any event. The main advantage of drastic weight loss is a fast achievement of results, which can only support. Although appearance becomes a priority, you should think about health. Yes, you will become more attractive, lose those extra. Your internal organs will get a chance to work more actively, and the load on the heart is greatly reduced. And the increased blood flow will bring nutrients to all cells of the body.


However, despite the positive aspects of weight loss, the muscles will remain flabby. The possible consequences include metabolic and stress that the organism experiences during your unexpected bursts of rapid weight loss. "Extreme" weight loss provokes such kinds of disorders, like endocrine and digestive. Uncontrolled weight loss often leads to inflammation of the liver and the formation of stones in the gallbladder.


If you have decided on a drastic weight reduction, try to sleep, because a healthy sleep is good for the body. Gradually reduce the amount of food, increasing the number of meals per day. Replace snacks with green tea or herbal teas. To skin not drooped, pay attention to aerobic exercise. Running is a versatile and very beneficial aerobic exercise if you are not yet very hardy, start with walking, which will support the body in good shape.

Any person who resorts to such a drastic method, to find the safest option of weight loss, excepting fasting. Remember, external beauty is linked to health.