Advice 1: How to lose weight and tighten the body for a month

Program weight loss includes cardio and strength exercises. The integrated programme you will not only lose weight, but also tighten your body. In a month you can easily lose weight. To run the program better in the open air.
How to lose weight and tighten the body for a month
You will need
  • -jump rope
  • -comfortable clothing
The warm-up.
3 laps (or 1 km) easy run around the stadium.
Jumping rope - 15 minutes. You can split those 15 minutes on 3 runs for 5 minutes. Relax between calls is 1 minute. 1st time - jumps on two legs, 2nd time - alternately first on one then on the other leg, 3rd time - jumping on two feet, landing on the heel.
3 laps (or 1 km) easy run around the stadium.
Strength exercises:
1. Deep squats: feet shoulder width apart, toes look to the side. Need to do 30 squats, get you want as low as possible.
2. 20 classic push-UPS - 2 call
3. 2 calls in the press for 20 reps

5 laps (or 1 km 500 m) light Jogging around the stadium, half lap (200 m) fast run.
You also need to eat right. Should reduce the consumption of sweet, starchy foods, soda, chips, etc. you Still have to slightly reduce the usual serving size.
Useful advice
Have to work 4 times a week, every 2nd exercise to increase the load, i.e. to add to each exercise for 5 repetitions.

Advice 2 : How to tighten the muscles

Your body seems to you slim, fit and attractive? There are several ways with which you can quickly regain the tone! A small amount of time every day, a little perseverance and a positive attitude - and you will not notice how become the owner of a harmonous and strong body.
How to tighten the muscles
More oxygen and activity! Did you know that even a simple walk for approximately 20 minutes a day provides your muscles the necessary workout, and after it they remain in shape for a long time? When walking, exercise and tighten the muscles of the back, legs, abs. Go a couple of stops on foot and do not use unnecessarily machine - probably, near your home, there are some nice Park or alley.
Use every opportunity for physical activity - even if it's overcome several flights of stairs on the way to office or house cleaning. Even a small amount of traffic will have a beneficial effect on the tone and condition your muscles.
Drink water - in order to be active and healthy, it is necessary. Dehydration leads to increased fatigue and your body just will not have the strength and desire to even the most simple daily exercises and at least some activity. So, at least 8 glasses of pure negazirovannoy of water a day. It displays the body of toxins, and oxygen will flow to the tissues and muscles in the right amount so that your body will be in good shape always.
Eat enough protein and foods high in vitamin C, it strengthens the muscles and walls of blood vessels. A perfect dish that contains these two elements - stewed or steamed white chicken and a side of steamed broccoli. Include in the diet of boiled eggs (protein), pineapples and citrus. Pineapple and contained only the enzyme will help meat and protein be absorbed fully, hence the lack of problems with digestion and strong muscles.
Choose your favorite sport and give him an hour and a half two or three times a week. Running or swimming in the pool, Biking or classes at the gym - choose based on time of year and your needs. These classes are a great mood that will only benefit your body (for example, the stress hormone that increases fat deposits in the waist area). It often happens that even at high power exercises on the muscles and long occupations, we do not see the result of their labors - as the muscles to "draw" needs sufficient aerobic exercise and a lot of active movement.

Advice 3 : How to make your figure slim

The feeling of lightness is always uplifting. But if you gained a few extra pounds, do not despair. To put in order your body can be your own. Harmony is not only a beautiful figure, but it's also a great feeling.
Slim figure
First of all, to tidy up your figure, you need proper nutrition. For Breakfast it is best to eat cereals. Cook the oatmeal and add the banana slices. Oatmeal will give you energy, as contained in the banana is fructose is very useful for the brain. During the day you should drink plenty of water, it removes all the excess from the body. Eliminate from your diet mayonnaise, it is best to replace it with sour cream. But if you decided to dress a salad, it is better to use olive oil, which contains a lot of nutrients.
You should start to do physical exercise to strengthen their muscles. To make the elastic buttocks will help you run. Run for 30 minutes every day and after a couple of weeks you will see the result. Discard the Elevator, walk up to the desired floor.
Morning exercises are necessary. Should not be taken for dumbbells, we are talking about simple exercises. Don't be lazy and get up 10 minutes earlier, this should give you enough time to do exercises. Perform squats, bending, as well as a Bicycle lying on the back. All this will strengthen your muscles and allow you to tone the figure. Problem areas massaging in the shower with a brush or sponge, over time you will notice the result.

Advice 4 : How to lose weight in 6 weeks

Soon summer vacation, perhaps, by the sea. And folds at the waist and the extra inches on the hips begin to oppress women more and more. How to lose weight for vacation – that is the problem often concentrates all women think in one or two months before summer vacation.
How to lose weight in 6 weeks

Evaluate your capabilities

Become attractive, toned and more slender with the beach season is not difficult. The main thing – to challenge ourselves and to appreciate their opportunities and chances. If you have the extra 5-10 pounds, and not to worry. At sea you go in the best shape. But if you are wondering how to lose weight in 5 weeks for 20 pounds, then you should attend to this for 5-6 months before the upcoming holiday. Otherwise, you can harm your body. Because doctors say that without harm to health, a person can lose in a month about 5 kg.

Easy way to lose weight in 6 weeks 5-8 kg

Diet without strict diets. You just need to slightly adjust your diet. Fractional eat 4-6 times a day in small portions. Definitely a full Breakfast. This will launch your metabolism. All the sweet, high-calorie, fat – eat to 12.00 and in small quantities. After lunch, it is undesirable to drink sweet tea, eat bread, any bread, potatoes, pasta, meats and other high calorie products. From mayonnaise and soda should be avoided at all. Try to keep your table was ¾ of vegetables and fruit, ¼ protein from meat and fish, dairy products. Keep the last meal was not later than 19.00. In addition, drink plenty of pure still water up to 2 liters per day. The whole daily amount of calories consumed should not exceed 1500-1800 cal.

Physical activity – is required. It is not necessary to exhaust yourself in the gym or pounding on a treadmill. Enough every day to perform a normal charge for 15-20 minutes. In addition, move more – walk to work on foot, go up to my floor by stairs, not the Elevator, play with the kids outdoor games.

Baths and other similar treatments (wraps, cedar barrel, etc.) – for the wishes and well-being. Russian steam bath or sauna will help you to cleanse the body of toxins and excess fluid, invigorate your body and increase overall body tone. So once a week, if health allows, be sure to visit a bath.

A real incentive! Buy before you start to lose weight stunning beauty and price summer dress 2 sizes smaller than your at the moment. And you will lose weight – because to go on vacation and leave that dress at home in the closet you just can't.

These simple recommendations will help you quickly and easily lose weight by the summer for 6 weeks and look at the resort attractive and feminine.

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