The problems start at the moment when the cholesterol level becomes the acceptable norm. Thus, the higher the level, the higher your health threat. In medicine, high cholesterol is called the excess amount of mushy fat substance yellow circulating in the bloodstream. It is dangerous, that is, blockage of blood vessels and as a result can be a stroke or heart attack. If you follow a few rules, you can avoid the fact that the level of cholesterol in blood will increase and speed up the process of removing the unwanted fats from the body.


1. The most important thing to keep track of what food and in what quantity is present in the diet and weight measurements. The principle is this: the more weight, the more cholesterol in the blood. For this reason, the diet should be more vegetables and fruits, meat products and dairy. But meat and dairy products should be fat low.
Of course, we cannot abandon the use of eggs, but it is important to know that the yolk carries the cholesterol, and not much to eat, but the intake of protein can't be restricted.

2. Such substances as pectin, once in the body, as if enveloping the unwanted fats and removes them from the body. It is therefore advisable to include in your diet legumes, are rich in pectin content and do not forget about carrots. This news will delight lovers of tea, because the tannins that included in it – the fighters with junk deposits.

3. Will help reduce the number of unnecessary body fat eating garlic fresh or in concentrate. With the aim of removing excess harmful substances be effectively added to food red hot peppers.

4. Natural way to cleanse the body of excess fat if you engage in the sport. In General, any physical load is an effective tool in the fight against high cholesterol.

5. Much is known about the dangers of Smoking. So often in the body of smokers do not have unsaturated fats, which help soak up excess cholesterol.

6. To prevent increase blood levels of cholesterol, you can take alfalfa or ginseng.