Niacinate substance, also known as nicotinic acid, lowers the level of cholesterol in the body. Take it in the dosage prescribed by the doctor. Abuse Niacin not it can lead to intestinal disorders and impaired liver function.
Mikroelementami vitamins and vitamins C, E and calcium helps rid the body of "bad" cholesterol and increase the content of protective HDL-cholesterol. So, scientific studies have shown that if you drink 2 g of calcium carbonate every day for years, cholesterol will decrease by 25%.
Hospodariate optimal body weight, not gain extra pounds. Body overweight people produces more cholesterol. Follow the diet, use olive and peanut oil, eat nuts, avocados – they contain monounsaturated fats that lowers the level of cholesterol. Also very useful carrots, fruits and beans, they have a lot of pectin, but it takes cholesterol. But eating eggs, on the contrary, it is necessary to reduce – not more than 3 pieces per week. Broccoli and onions are rich in calcium PECCATUM, so they are also useful in dealing with excess cholesterol: this substance lowers its content in the body.
Pregnantamerican the researchers found that heavy traffic and regular exercise can significantly reduce the level of unwanted cholesterol. In addition, they stimulate the body to cleansing fat after a meal. And this, in turn, helps to fight high cholesterol.
Propertysystem several groups of drugs that are prescribed for atherosclerosis, caused by high content of cholesterol in the body. But to decide which one to use, can only your doctor. Statins (lovastatin, cerivastatin, fluvastatin) can help to reduce the activity required for the formation of this lipid enzymes. Fibroeva acids stimulate oxidation in the liver fatty acids, total cholesterol is reduced. Drugs bind to bile acid (colestipol, cholestyramine), decrease the production of cholesterol directly.