Advice 1: How to get rid of cholesterol

Cholesterol has an unpleasant property to be deposited on the walls of blood vessels, interfering with blood circulation. And this in turn can lead to the occurrence of cardiovascular diseases. In order to avoid the risk, try to keep your cholesterol normal.
How to get rid of cholesterol
First of all, watch your weight. The more people, the greater the level of cholesterol contained in the body. As you can see, you need to lose weight not only for the acquisition of harmony. To lower cholesterol adhere to diets in which 2/3 of the volume of food are grains and vegetables. And only take 1/3 of the meat and dairy products.
Reduce the intake of fat. Replace meat with chicken and fish, butter and vegetable oil refined.
Use in food olive oil and nuts. They help the conclusion of cholesterol from the blood.
Remember that the egg contains a very large amount of cholesterol. Not abandon them entirely, but limit your intake. While you are free to use egg whites, since the cholesterol is only contained in the yolk.
For lowering cholesterol, use in your menu a variety of legumes. They contain pectin, which binds cholesterol and removes it from the body.
Pectin is also contained in fruit. To reduce cholesterol eat during Breakfast half a grapefruit, during lunch, an Apple and a little orange in the afternoon.
Oat bran as porridge are great to reduce cholesterol.
Go to green tea. It is not proved that it reduces the level of cholesterol in the blood, but it is known that it prevents it from attaching to vessel walls. Drink a day not more than 3 small cups of coffee.
Lower cholesterol blockages promote physical activity. Take charging. A few simple exercises in the morning will help improve your body.
Very good effect gives the use of garlic. Eat it raw for a few cloves daily. Of course, the smell will be hard to get rid of, but here it is for you to decide – smell or health.
Take activated charcoal. Studies have shown that a daily three-time techniques 8 g of crushed activated carbon help to reduce excessive levels of cholesterol in the blood.

Advice 2: How to get rid of excess weight: the basic rules

Girls of any age and type of appearance you dream of a slim figure, but unfortunately, not everyone can show wasp waist and enviable shape. And so the question on how to lose weight in a week, is particularly relevant.
How to get rid of excess weight: the basic rules

If you want to get rid of unwanted pounds, you should not rush from one extreme to another, immediately sitting down on a rigid diet, taking different diet pills, exhausting yourself with exercise, and even refusing all food.

It is important to remember, but if it was a ban of food weight is lost not by the disappearance of fat, and by the withdrawal of excess fluid from the body. Besides, the body with the shortage of supply, by contrast, begins to Deposit fat as a reserve.

So if you think about how to lose weight, do not start to starve. Even if you succeed for a quick time to get rid of a few pounds, very soon the weight not only to return the same amount, but increase.

Wondering how to lose weight at home, remember that you need to change your nutrition process and, of course, to play sports, but all this must be done very wisely. Foods that help to lose weight.

Products that help to lose weight

1. The pasta and bread. It seems that these products only lead to the formation of fat, but it's not true. Despite the high calorie content, these foods contains many useful vitamins and fiber. A study of American doctors allowed to know that people who eat food rich in fiber, almost not located to the fullness in the abdomen and waist.

2. Citrus. Oranges, tangerines, lemon helps to strengthen your abs abdomen. Vitamin C also is in tomatoes, red pepper, cabbage.

3. Boiled meat, It is full of protein and, therefore, perfectly satisfies hunger, but does not lead to the formation of extra pounds. You need to eat boiled meat in small portions, but 4-6 times a day.

4. Olive oil. According to foreign doctors, the oil should replace butter and various sauces and salad dressings. Vegetable fats contained in olive oil, fighting the formation of fat cells and not lead to increased cholesterol in the blood.

5. Cinnamon. Just a pinch of this magic seasoning regular use with food allows for better absorption of sugar, which eventually leads to a decrease in its level in the blood. As a consequence, does not appear to be new fat.

6. Seafood and nuts. This food contains omega fatty 3 acids reduce the level of adrenaline. Namely, it is particularly strongly produced in times of stress, and also promotes the deposition of body fat in the abdominal area.

7. Low-fat dairy products. Constant consumption of this food increases levels of the hormone calcitriol, promotes a stronger fat burning. These products include: milk, yogurt, cheese, yogurt, kefir.


In order to get rid of unwanted pounds, you need to run for 30-40 minutes at least 2-3 times a week. But also keep in mind that for people with obesity and poor physical preparation these loads can cause damage.

Therefore, those who wish to obtain a slim figure, it must first start Jogging 2-3 times a week for 15-20 minutes, 2 times a week actively walking for at least 30 minutes.

Over time, it is necessary to increase the time of walking and Jogging. Nutritionists say that to achieve the correct training regime can only be for a few months.


Advice 3: How to get rid of hypertension

Hypertension is a disease characterized by high blood pressure. Without proper treatment it can lead to serious complications, such as heart problems. To get rid of hypertension with lifestyle changes and using medications.
How to get rid of hypertension
One of the main causes of hypertension is stress. This condition is often accompany people in difficult life situations. However, stress does not impact directly on blood pressure, it's all about the human response to it. Attempt to cope with a stressful situation by using excessive amounts of junk food and alcohol has a decisive effect on the body. Try to avoid stressful situations or, at least, minimize their negative effect. If to cope with stress yourself, you can not ask for consultation to psychotherapists.
Direct impact on the development of hypertension has a salt. Its consumption leads to an increase in the amount of moisture in the blood vessels, resulting in increased pressure. Try to limit daily salt intake by 4 grams. To do this, prepare yourself as often as possible. So you will be able to monitor the consumption of the substance. Less order ready-made dishes. Salt is found in many foods. When visiting stores, be sure to read the package. Look for products in which salt is replaced by natural spices and herbs.
Adjust your diet plan. Increase intake of fruits and vegetables, try to minimize the share of saturated and total fat, and cholesterol. Diet for hypertension is of particular importance. With the right preparation, the condition can be greatly improved within a few weeks. Besides fruits and vegetables, eat more lean meat, fish, poultry, whole grains, nuts and seeds with a high content of fiber, magnesium and potassium.
A great way to cure hypertension is to get rid of excess weight. Excess weight puts pressure on the heart causing it to work harder to satiate with blood the excess tissue. Try to get rid of this problem if you have it. Try eating more often but in smaller quantities. Do not use drugs for weight loss without consulting your doctors, this may exacerbate hypertension.
Another cause of hypertension is alcohol. Its excessive consumption is causing a lot of problems, including high blood pressure. Refrain from drinking or at least consume it in moderation, go while less strong ones, such as red wine. If you are treating hypertension with pills, in any case do not mix them with alcohol. This can lead to serious complications.
At excessive increase of pressure or chronic hypertension consult a doctor. You may be prescribed special medications or their combination. Such drugs include, for example:

beta - blockers reduce the intensity of the heartbeat;
- calcium channel blockers expands the arteries;
- diuretics, displays the body of excess water and salt.

All these drugs have a very strong effect. Use them strictly on prescription and follow the instructions on the application.

Advice 4: How to get rid of plaque

In case of violation of fat metabolism in the inner surface of the vessels deposited cholesterol plaques that clog blood vessels. Causes atherosclerosis, which in recent years progresses among people of young age and leads to the development of diseases of the heart and blood vessels. More than half of the working population of our country needs in the prevention and treatment of atherosclerosis.
How to get rid of plaque
Rethink your diet. Include more vegetables and limit the consumption of foods high in cholesterol – fatty meat, eggs, egg yolk, whole milk. Make a full menu, including portions of lean meat, fish or cheese. Limit yourself to the consumption of easily digestible carbs – sweets, muffins, sugar. Vegetables and fruits eat fresh or baked form. Reduce the amount of salt to 7 grams per day. Overweight is able to cause cholesterol plaques. Low-calorie diet can slow the development of atherosclerosis.
Change the way of life. Stop Smoking. Smoking stimulates the development of atherosclerosis, especially its intensity. Clinical studies show that an average of four years from the quitters, the level of cholesterol plaques is reduced to the level of never smokers.
Exercise. Go to work by bike or on foot, take nightly walks - so you will get rid of many factors that cause atherosclerosis and maintain normal weight, reduce the risk of diabetes and stress. Clinical studies show that regular exercise increases the level of a-cholesterol, prevent atherosclerosis.
Develop psychological resilience to stress. Stress leads to compression of blood vessels, loss of elasticity, improper nutrition leads to the increase of plaque. The ability to relax in any situation causes them to decline.
Watch your health. Studies show that diabetes mellitus, gallstone disease lead to changes in fat metabolism, which is accompanied by increased levels of cholesterol in the blood.
Remember that to reduce the level of cholesterol you can use lifestyle changes, and in the case of urgent need - medication or surgical intervention. Drugs that reduce cholesterol, are selected individually, they must control the doctor.

Advice 5: How to get rid of pimples on the eye

The cause of whiteheads – Milia – is a blockage of the tubules of the output of the sebaceous glands. Overgrowth, layering on each other causes the formation of solid masses and the formation of Milia. The most frequent location under the eyes, near or around the eyes, on the cheeks or temples. Active their formation may indicate increased amounts of cholesterol in the blood. Therefore, it is recommended to do a blood test and check liver and gallbladder.

How to get rid of pimples on the eye
With the appearance of Milia, contact the beauty parlor or beauty clinic. There are several ways to get rid of them. The most common method is mechanical removal. Beautician, pre-disinfect the affected area of the skin, punctures milium sterile needle and remove its contents. On the skin are small wounds that quickly disappear. Not to injure unnecessarily the skin and does not disrupt the sebaceous glands, in one session is removed not more than 10 pieces.
A more modern way to remove white acne is considered to be electrocoagulation. The basis of the process – cauterization of the affected area of the skin alternating high frequency electric current. After the treatment the skin is the crust, which is without a trace. After the necessary procedural antiseptic skin treatment at home.
Very popular method of laser coagulation, which is carried out by laser. The principle of operation is the same as in the previous method. Also form a crust on the spot cleaning, which takes place over 7-10 days without a trace. Treatment with antiseptic after the procedure at home.
In addition to the above methods it is possible to remove acne with the help of a curette, a tool shaped like a spoon. This is the least effective method, the use of which is too traumatic for the skin, leaving long to heal scars.
In addition to carrying out these cosmetic procedures to get rid of Milia, you must follow some rules. You first need to radically change your diet. To unsubscribe from Coca-Cola, carbonated drinks, chips, fast food, coffee, and chocolate. In the diet should be present dairy products, fruits, herbs, various cereals, green tea.
It is necessary to normalize the bowel, because the skin takes part of its cleaning function and throws unwanted toxins and fats through the excretory pores, which clog them.
Drink at least 2 liters per day of clean water, ideally - structured melt.
Give up Smoking and alcohol, these two products make the greatest imbalance in the natural metabolism.
It is not recommended to remove the Milia. The inflammatory process begins even from contact with germs at the right time.
Useful advice
Do not use any kind of cosmetics. Use the services of a professional cosmetologist for choosing cosmetics appropriate for your skin type and its condition very quickly you will appreciate.
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