First of all, watch your weight. The more people, the greater the level of cholesterol contained in the body. As you can see, you need to lose weight not only for the acquisition of harmony. To lower cholesterol adhere to diets in which 2/3 of the volume of food are grains and vegetables. And only take 1/3 of the meat and dairy products.
Reduce the intake of fat. Replace meat with chicken and fish, butter and vegetable oil refined.
Use in food olive oil and nuts. They help the conclusion of cholesterol from the blood.
Remember that the egg contains a very large amount of cholesterol. Not abandon them entirely, but limit your intake. While you are free to use egg whites, since the cholesterol is only contained in the yolk.
For lowering cholesterol, use in your menu a variety of legumes. They contain pectin, which binds cholesterol and removes it from the body.
Pectin is also contained in fruit. To reduce cholesterol eat during Breakfast half a grapefruit, during lunch, an Apple and a little orange in the afternoon.
Oat bran as porridge are great to reduce cholesterol.
Go to green tea. It is not proved that it reduces the level of cholesterol in the blood, but it is known that it prevents it from attaching to vessel walls. Drink a day not more than 3 small cups of coffee.
Lower cholesterol blockages promote physical activity. Take charging. A few simple exercises in the morning will help improve your body.
Very good effect gives the use of garlic. Eat it raw for a few cloves daily. Of course, the smell will be hard to get rid of, but here it is for you to decide – smell or health.
Take activated charcoal. Studies have shown that a daily three-time techniques 8 g of crushed activated carbon help to reduce excessive levels of cholesterol in the blood.