To regulate cholesterol levels, in addition to medicinal drugs can many food products. Actively reduce the amount of cholesterol in the blood prunes, pistachios and almonds. The latter can be replaced with hazelnuts or walnuts. Any nut contains oil, consisting of a large number of beneficial monounsaturated fatty acids.
Include in your diet oatmeal. Available in its composition fiber binds with cholesterol and reduces its level by 3.8%. No less useful are considered to be legumes (beans, peas, lentils), which contain pectin and folic acid. Daily consumption of bean salad with herbs and fresh tomatoes and cucumbers helps to reduce cholesterol by 10% within six months.
Eat less meat. Preference is better to give the fish. Saltwater fish contain iodine and polyunsaturated fatty acids and is able to prevent the occurrence on the walls of vessels of atherosclerotic plaques. Dissolves blood clots and seaweed. In addition, it perfectly cleanses the intestines.
Do not forget about fruit and vegetables. One of the most affordable fruits, which eliminates the excess cholesterol in your blood is Apple. It is very useful for people suffering from diseases of the cardiovascular system. With regular consumption of apples, the risk of clogging of blood vessels and heart attacks is reduced. Harmful cholesterol while decreasing due to oxidation, because apples prevent the absorption of fat by the body.
One of the most wonderful remedies for cholesterol is garlic. He has the ability to thin the blood, and part of it allicin removes cholesterol from the body. Daily eat 2-3 cloves of fresh garlic, and a month later, the cholesterol level will decrease by 9-10%.Prepare for cleaning vessels from cholesterol plaques tincture of garlic. To do this, wipe through a meat grinder 350 g of product, pour his glass of alcohol and put in a dark place for 10 days. Upon expiration of the strain the infusion and take it daily 20 drops diluted in milk, 2-3 times a day for half an hour before meals. This cleansing of vessels should be carried out every five years.
Dandelion is a useful plant to reduce the amount of cholesterol in the blood. While using the fresh leaves, and powder of its roots. Tender dandelion leaves in salads, mixing it with olive oil. The roots of the plants can be dried and in powder form to use 1/3 tsp 2-3 times per night for half an hour before meals.
It is helpful to drink juices (orange, grapefruit, and others). Normalize cholesterol contributes greatly to the pomegranate juice. It contains large amounts of vitamin C and anthocyanins and helps to strengthen capillaries.
Restrict your consumption of fatty meats. Among dairy products allowed skim milk, cheese, vegetable Margarines. Eggs is best to eat no more than 2 pieces a week.
Keep track of your weight. The scientists established the fact that its increase by a pound increases the amount of cholesterol in the blood on 2 levels. Move more, exercise and, of course, quit Smoking.