Heart needs constant training. During the day, our heart rate should increase at least twice. This is the first commandment of the famous Professor – the cardiologist to preserve the youth and health of the heart. A very useful exercise for the vascular system is run. It has a number of readings at low load it can take a person at any age.

The main thing - to learn how to run, for the benefit of his health. When running normal blood pressure, pulse, exercise vessels and become resilient. The immune system begins to work actively, and the body ceases to get sick often with colds. To begin practicing better to pass additional tests and obtain permission of the doctor. As with any sport, running also has contraindications.

Most important to know what you're running for fun, training should not be a burden. Buy running specific sports shoes and tracksuit. Convenient and comfortable clothes for running will lift your mood and give strength.

It is recommended to run in the early morning hours before work or in the evening. Jog regularly to try to run with increasing load. Then your muscles and vessels will get used to gradual load, which is very important for the heart. You need to run away from polluted areas have clean and healthy air.

Breathing while running should be properly and deeply. It is advisable to breathe through the nose and exhale through the mouth. In this breath will increase pressure and the strongly beating heart. Each person has his own level of endurance and exertion. Run, not much bothering, everything should be in moderation and joy. Don't need after running from to sit down or to stop. Reduce the load gradually. You can just go for an intense walk, with the use of exercise.

Learning to run, you will get a wonderful mood and positive emotions for a long day at work. Who likes to run, he long time lives life to the full, not carrying a whole bag of drugs.