Advice 1: Beneficial than regular Jogging

Regular exercise is good for the body. Ordinary Jogging or Jogging is one such activity that are most accessible to everyone. It does not require any equipment, shells or particularly outstanding physical data. For running you need only the desire, time, shape and space to run.
Beneficial than regular Jogging

What is Jogging

Jogging is running at a quiet pace with the speed of 7-9 kilometers per hour, slightly faster than intense walking. In this running mostly relaxed foot "slaps" on the surface, and during the unsupported condition of the minimum: when one foot pushes off, the other is lowered to the ground.

When you can jog

Is the aerobic exercise, enable the muscles throughout the body, used by professional athletes in the warm-up and hitch. Furthermore, regular Jogging can be a great Wellness tool for people of any age and any level of training, with no serious injuries, and malformations of the cardiovascular system.

Technique of Jogging

Adhering to a specific running technique, it is possible to reduce the load on the joints, reduce the risk of injury and avoid fatigue. It is recommended to run on the ground rather than solid asphalt tracks, and to push off with your foot, straightening the leg at the knee. We must start with not too wide a step, but it can be gradually increased during training.

Body to keep straight and slightly forward, arms bent at the elbows and along the way to "coordinate" them running. The breathing should be free, and shortness of breath or pain in the side suggests that it is time to slow down the pace or go for a walk.

The benefit of running Jogging

Jogging is one of the safest forms of cardio. Regular Jogging will support tone muscles, strengthen the heart and the immune system, increase stamina, and stress resistance of the organism. Jogging stimulate metabolism, lower cholesterol, profilaktirujut atherosclerosis and osteoporosis.

Giving a uniform load and training the body, Jogging provides intensive supply of oxygen to tissues and organs. In addition to the acceleration of metabolic processes, it is important for the normal activities of the brain, which otherwise may suffer from oxygen starvation. Running positively affects memory, attention and mental activity processes. Furthermore, regular Jogging invaluable aid in the prevention of depressive disorders.

Schedule and training program

To run better in the open air, where possible, better access of oxygen and the most effective muscle work in the natural environment. To start the training program, preferably with short runs, from 20 to 30 minutes, gradually bringing the session duration to 1-1. 5 hours. Training should begin with a light warm-up warm-up and end with complex seminuda stretching exercises. To achieve sustainable and optimum result it is necessary to train 2-3 times a week.

Start Jogging can be with vigorous walking to get the body used to the motor steps, and then go on a slow run. Further adjust the running speed, starting from their own sensations of heaviness, shortness of breath or pain should not occur. Ending to run smoothly into the step. Avoid sudden stops and do not sit down immediately after the race: for the cardiovascular system it is harmful.

Advice 2 : Contraindications for Jogging

To deny the benefits of running for health, weight loss, strengthening the cardiovascular system, prevention of diseases is impossible. But, as any heavy load, running has a lot of contraindications and may even be harmful, if not to observe and not to heed the advice of doctors.
Contraindications for Jogging
Running is an intense physical activity, which seriously degrade the cardiovascular system, joints, muscles and the human body. For healthy people such loads only useful, they contribute to the prevention of many diseases, strengthen the immune system and make the body stronger. But if you have health problems, with the help of running can only worsen.
Running in the first place is a serious burden on the cardiovascular system during class, breathing quickens, heart rate increases, the heart begins to pump blood. So if you experience problems with heart and blood vessels Jogging is contraindicated, it is especially dangerous to run with the transferred heart attack of a myocardium (there is the risk of a second heart attack), heart defects, previous stroke, angina. People with heart rhythm disorders, heart failure, narrowing of the atrial holes is necessary to consult a doctor before you start Jogging. It is desirable for any heart problems to replace running a fast walk.
While running not only the heart, but the lungs have to work more actively, so the contraindications include many of the diseases associated with the respiratory system. You can not run people with bronchial asthma, pulmonary insufficiency.
The huge load caused by running the propulsion system, and hardest joints. Professional runners know that running can wear these fragile parts of the skeleton. Therefore, for any joint problems – arthritis, polyarthritis, arthrosis – run contraindicated. Also, you cannot perform physical activity for people with osteoarthritis, problems with the spine, intervertebral hernias.
Strong and progressive myopia is an important reason not to run: at first glance, this illness seems unrelated to running, but actually there's so much pressure may lead to retinal detachment. For the same reason you can't run through people with glaucoma. Contraindications to the run are any serious chronic diseases or exacerbation of chronic diseases. It is impossible to run during the cold and any disease, it may lead to complications.
Even healthy people should be run carefully in order not to harm your body. First, be sure to wear the special running shoes before a jog, they have a cushioning sole will save your joints from injury. Secondly, it is desirable to run on soft ground, not on asphalt, the pounding of feet on the hard surface wear out the joints. Increase the load slowly, remember that running is aerobic exercise, you should have enough breath to complete, with shortness of breath you need to slow down.

Advice 3 : Benefits of running for health and longevity?

Every person wants to have excellent health, which will continue for years and extend the life. To achieve such results, you need to work on his body since his youth. As you know, our heart consists of muscles, which rides and pumping blood. From his work depends on the whole body, and thus health.
Benefits of running for health and longevity?

Heart needs constant training. During the day, our heart rate should increase at least twice. This is the first commandment of the famous Professor – the cardiologist to preserve the youth and health of the heart. A very useful exercise for the vascular system is run. It has a number of readings at low load it can take a person at any age.

The main thing - to learn how to run, for the benefit of his health. When running normal blood pressure, pulse, exercise vessels and become resilient. The immune system begins to work actively, and the body ceases to get sick often with colds. To begin practicing better to pass additional tests and obtain permission of the doctor. As with any sport, running also has contraindications.

Most important to know what you're running for fun, training should not be a burden. Buy running specific sports shoes and tracksuit. Convenient and comfortable clothes for running will lift your mood and give strength.

It is recommended to run in the early morning hours before work or in the evening. Jog regularly to try to run with increasing load. Then your muscles and vessels will get used to gradual load, which is very important for the heart. You need to run away from polluted areas have clean and healthy air.

Breathing while running should be properly and deeply. It is advisable to breathe through the nose and exhale through the mouth. In this breath will increase pressure and the strongly beating heart. Each person has his own level of endurance and exertion. Run, not much bothering, everything should be in moderation and joy. Don't need after running from to sit down or to stop. Reduce the load gradually. You can just go for an intense walk, with the use of exercise.

Learning to run, you will get a wonderful mood and positive emotions for a long day at work. Who likes to run, he long time lives life to the full, not carrying a whole bag of drugs.

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