Running is one of the most effective means for weight loss. One who practices cross-country exercise almost completely protected itself from extra pounds. This is especially true of runners over long distances.

Just pay attention to the fact that during the run are used all the organs and systems. There is a kind of bleeding of the body, that positively affects the health and General condition. But the biggest burden falls on the cardiovascular system. Therefore, those who have diseases of this system, it is better to consult with a specialist to see if I could practice running.

Running effect on lipid metabolism

Excess of fat deposits occur due to a positive energy balance. That is, when a person consumes a large amount of calories, but not all processes. Running able to get rid of excess calories, but it will have to do a regular exercise routine.

When a person runs, he begins to vigorously work the muscles of the legs and buttocks. In addition, affected shoulder girdle and part of the back. Naturally, the body needs to take energy to maintain a given rhythm. Where to get it? Of course, in the body fat.

Running is a great way not only to strengthen the muscles, improve the functioning of the internal systems and organs, but also to get rid of excess weight. But it is important to know some of the nuances that will help speed up the process of getting rid of extra pounds.

Important nuances that will help to lose weight faster by practicing running

First, easy run for half an hour gives a much greater effect than the fastest 15 minute run. The fact that prolonged exercise may start to occur the underlying processes associated with metabolism. The body is much heated, turning into a furnace for fat. For half an hour people to overcome 5-6 km.

Secondly, after running, it is best not to eat at least a half hour. The fact that immediately after a workout inside the body, there are processes for burning fats, carbohydrates and toxins. This work can take up to two hours. If you eat food, the process will stop and begin its digestion.

Thirdly, if during the run, alternate running with torn Jogging, slimming effect will be increased. This is due to the rapid changes in the heart. The blood begins to move faster through the arteries and veins, accelerating the metabolic processes. Importantly, during exercise the heart rate did not fall below 120 and did not rise above 180 beats per minute.

So, running allows you to quickly and without harm to the body to drop weight. It is important to do regularly, running at least five miles at an easy pace. Before every run, always perform the workout, and after workout – hitch. This will help to avoid injury and recover quickly to normal life.