To properly run, you need to follow some rules. Especially important is the regulation of breathing. When running it is better to breathe through the nose and to make an exhalation through a nose. Also if a person has weak lungs, it can realize the process of breathing in the sequence the mouth is a mouth. Turning to the advantages of running, it is important to note cleanse the digestive system and strengthen immunity. Clears the gall bladder, is contained in the normal pancreas, purified the stomach.

When people run, they work heart muscles, calf muscles and hips. In the result, the load on these muscles, they grow stronger, and increases muscle tone. Also while Jogging involved bones of the spine, straightening your posture. In General, when the race involved many different joints and bones that work hard and get the load. Moving, cleaned the cardiovascular system, causing blockage of blood vessels. From all the above, we can say that running man is younger.

An important impact Jogging has on the human psyche. The people who are running constantly, are purposeful and self-confident. Doctors found that when running the hormone of happiness - endorphin. That's why such people don't exist depressions and they are rarely worried about insomnia.

Ending with the pros run, it is worth mentioning contraindications for classes. Firstly people who have serious problems with the skeletal system or spine should completely abandon the run. People who have problems with blood vessels and heart should consult a practicing cardiologist. So people can not run seriously, but there may be classes in light Jogging.

In conclusion, I must say that the ideal place for Jogging is considered parkland. You can't run on polluted and contaminated areas, in this case, running will not bring any good but only harm.