Physical training can help women to ease the process of childbirth. But this issue should be treated with extreme caution. Priority is a good pregnancy, and the absence of contraindications.

The complex of exercises designed for pregnant women will help them without harming the child to perform exercises with the calculation of the degree of physical intensity. Surge is strictly prohibited. Active physical activities increase the blood flow to the muscles and the uterus and the placenta is thus not receive the necessary oxygen.

To perform exercises should be moderate and balanced. Regular loads will help in the process of giving birth as the muscles, past training, become more flexible and elastic. This is especially positive impact on the muscles and joints of the hip Department.

Physical activities are beneficial to the leg muscles, the exercises improve blood circulation, thus preventing the risk of venous extension.

For women, who perform all possible training, the process of childbirth is much simpler and generic problems such as perineal tears, happen extremely rarely.

Excellent physical preparation of the future mother, will help her after the baby is born. A woman more likely to return to their normal form.

Different stages of pregnancy respond to certain physical stress. Exercises that are allowed to run in the initial stages of pregnancy, it is absolutely inadmissible at a later time. These exercises primarily include the load on the abdominal muscles.

Physical education classes are held in a group in a sports or health institution under the supervision of a specialist, who develops exercises based on the condition of the pregnant woman.

After a couple of hours after Breakfast, proceed to the exercise. Proceeding from state of health, duration of classes can be from 15 to 30 minutes. Pace and load are increasing gradually and gently. Very attentively it is necessary to follow a relaxed rhythm, breathing, and alternate the exercises on different muscle groups.

Physical activity for women with health problems or pregnancy pathology is absolutely contraindicated.