Often recommendations are given to limit the load, and especially not to start playing sports, if you haven't before. Can we consider this opinion correct? What is its basis, because childbirth is the strongest physical costs, the strongest stress to the body.

A woman should be prepared for that

Nature cares for us. Women's nature is such that during pregnancy the muscles and tendons women are very elastic. Because she does not have to take a huge effort to keep fit. It will be enough moderate exercise. With the exception of running, jumping and, of course, no weights. And exercise the oblique muscles also help to bring the midsection without the use of a brace.


It is useful to swim. It trains the muscle and many other systems without overloading. Improves blood circulation, boosts immunity, relaxes muscles. And, most importantly, ensured a good mood and in great shape. Now very popular special groups for pregnant women under the guidance of an experienced coach.

Breathing exercises

If the woman did not lead an active lifestyle, strong loading would be undesirable. It will be enough to hold a preparatory course of prenatal exercises. Also well affect the body yoga for pregnant women. Her exercises are based on breathing exercises and relaxation techniques. Under the guidance of an experienced coach, a woman will learn to stay calm in stressful situations and relax. Will find harmony and self confidence.

As you can see, it is not necessary to abandon the sport altogether, unless there is evidence. If physical activity is not contraindicated doctors. And during exercise must constantly listen to their feelings.