Why you need a maternity bra

If women before pregnancy Breasts were large, after conception, she will further increase in size, so a special bra is needed. After all, in the mammary glands do not have muscles that could hold heavy fabric and prevent stretching, and the nearby pectoralis muscle most women have developed quite poorly. Bras for pregnant women not only prevents the appearance of stretch marks and sagging breast shape, but also eliminates unpleasant and painful sensations. From conventional underwear they offer maximum comfort: you do not have bones, therefore, never pressured and do not RUB, allow a good wide straps to support the Breasts and cause pain in the shoulders, cotton fabric does not cause irritation to sensitive during pregnancy nipples.

If a woman has small Breasts and during pregnancy slightly increased or not changed, to wear a special bra is not necessary, you can do the usual provided that he is comfortable, has good support for the Breasts and does not cause irritation.

How to choose a maternity bra

To choose the right bra, you need to know your size. Measure the girth under the chest and then in the most complete part of it. Cup size is determined by the difference of these two values: if the difference is 13-15 cm, it is the size of B, if 15-17, 18-20 – D. the Girth under the bust is also worth remembering, it also affects the size: for example, there are bras with cups sizes B and different sizes in girth.

Labels indicate dimensions in this way: 75A, 80B, 85B.

Choosing the model of bra, make sure that you can adjust the size of the straps, and also check the number of fasteners in the back – there should be several (ideally four), so as of breast growth linen was comfortable. If the size is chosen correctly, even with the tight closure should not be uncomfortable sensations.

There are various models of bras for pregnant women: tops, t-shirts, sports model.

The maternity bra should be made of cotton and elastic materials that are breathable and allow the breast skin to "breathe". It should tightly cover the chest, but in any case not to embarrass her, or can form the seal. Don't buy lingerie on the bones, it presses on the chest and causes discomfort.

According to the pregnant women, the perfect bra features wide straps, a wide elastic-the ribbon under the cups, antifungal Supplement.