But in fact, it is critically important to configure backups for your site. Because in this world everything is impermanent. And anything can happen on your server (fire, breakdown of machinery, wear and tear of the hard disk), and if you had not thought of bekapa of the site, it is likely to lead to a complete failure.

But what to do? Just create backups of the website, and the more you do it the better.

To create a backup may need some different techniques. For example, you can manually download all your files of your website to your local computer. Or you can copy the data to another server located on the Internet (many providers offer similar service).

However, remember that to come to becau site need, really. That is, you should be able to do it. If you've never made a backup for your site, you need to go online and look for instructions on how to create a backup for a site (for example, if you have wordpress backups can be created using a special plugin in automatic mode), etc.

Remember that making backups, you are protecting yourself, your nerves and your website from a variety of unknown occurrences!