You will need
  • - personal computer;
  • - Internet;
  • program Dreamweaver.
Copy the template of the website , you can use any file Manager, such as FAR. You can also do this operation using Windows Explorer. It's not going to take a lot of time and effort.
If you develop your site with the system Dreamweaver, it is easier just to rewrite the pattern you need. This program is an indispensable tool for creating complex web projects and edit pages, images, banners and many other things. Download from the official site
To copy the template, go to the Site panel and activate the website which has the necessary elements. Can choose any project, however, is to take only those in which you subsequently will be able to understand. Then you will have to select all the parameters for your site.
Now open the Assets panel. It will switch to a list of all templates and choose the desired. The entry, click the right mouse button, open context menu. Submenu Copy to site contains all sites that have ever been introduced in Dreamweaver. Now you only have to choose a template.
In any other program there is a column "configuration template" in the list. To copy elements of the website, remember the template that is the default. Then give this value is essential for the project to be copied. In the line "Add", enter the new project and click Save. You have created a new element that is a copy of the one that is "default".
Creating your website, you can easily copy any template from another site, not applying to this great effort. It is also worth noting that using Dreamweaver you can design your own projects. The main thing is to learn the basics of web programming.