You will need
  • Computer, Internet access.
Before you get the opportunity to revision your website on the hosting, you need to equip your computer special software, which will be optimal ftp Manager "Filezilla". To download this software you can on the Internet by typing in the search request. However, it would be much better if you will download the app directly from the official website developer: In this case, you completely eliminate the option of infecting your computer with malicious scripts, which often can "catch" on the boot siteH.
Once you download the Manager remote access to your computer, just in case, check it for viruses. If none are found, feel free to install the program on your computer. After installation a system restart is optional. Note before you start editing your site, you need to hang on to it a stub, which will notify users about an ongoing resource. How to do it, will depend on the engine of the site. Agree, the user will hate to see the buggy on the website at that time while you edit it.
After the plug will take its rightful place, you can start editing your siteby connecting to it via ftp client. Access data (ftp address, username and password) are typically provided in the email immediately after you will be provided with the hosting service. Start the ftp client Filezilla using the program shortcut on the desktop. Once the app is ready to work, fill out the login details for the hosting. In the Port field put the value "21". The Manager will provide the connection to the site and will give you the ability to edit it. On completion of all works don't forget to remove the site plug.