Find out the date of creation of the domain using the whois service-online. Whois (Who is it?) — the program for search of registration data of the site. Type in the box labeled "Enter the domain" address of website, date of registration which you are interested in. Click next to the button "Check", and will appear below the domain information. In the string created date of creation of the website: year/month/day. Below is given information about the period during which the paid service of the site (paid-till), and line free-date — expiration date of the domain registration in case of failure. The last two lines change after to pay a fee for the renewal of the domain.
A Whois service can run on your computer. The bottom of the page where you can download the program whois, click Download WhoisThisDomain (in ZIP file) and save the file to your computer. Open the archive and double-click, right-click on the app whoistd.exe. In the window where the cursor is flashing, type the address of website and click OK. You will see the same information as in the first step.
If you are using the Linux operating system, the program whois is already installed in it. To find out the date the registration site, type in a terminal the following command: "whois domain site" or "whois IP address". Date of creation of the website will appear in the line created.
Before you know the date of registration of the website with the help of certain programs, take a look at the web site. Some of the sitex in the bottom of the page can be accommodated, for example, the following inscription: "© 2005-2012". 2005 — the year of the creation of the website. However, the number and month there are not listed.