Dill - an annual green culture. And of course, plants for the summer season to bloom and produce offspring - seeds. But gardeners primary task is to grow fluffy green vitamin the dill, and then, when the time of pickling and canning, you will need and parasols.

The greens will harvest from sowing of fennel in the very early stages. Dill belongs to the cold-hardy plants is a know it all. What is behind this fact? In the spring the soil moisture is sufficient, daylight is long and plenty of sun. Such conditions need the dill plants. We need just a little bit to help them. But often gardeners allow the following error.

Saudinet crops

Dill does not like the "collective." It prefers to grow in splendid isolation and not sharing territory with the dill family. Therefore, it is necessary with a thick sowing, to conduct a thinning to provide an eating area and lighting. Wise to sow the seeds in wide grooves or randomly in the beds. In the narrow rows of seedlings, and trample each other, which causes early strelkovanie. Plants, before they grow up and strive to produce offspring - seeds.


Good herbs for dry soil will not grow. The ground should be watered in dry weather. Plants without getting water on time, get stress and strelyatsya.

The quality of the soil

From food obtained from the soil, directly affects the quality dill products. If the ground is dense clay and not Rihanna around growing dill plants will strelkovtsy. Dill loves nutritious, organic, loose, structural, non-acidic soil. The deoxidation during sowing (lime, ash) dill not stand.

What to do when dill began to throw umbrellas?

When unfavorable growth conditions, regardless of seed variety, dill tends to tsvetushnosti. Time to suspend the process of strelkovanie. To do this, simply pinch off the young retractable umbrellas.