Radish is a plant of short day, so it is best of aging, you need to create the right conditions., ie short day. The same factor is connected and another failure in growing radishes – when developing a root vegetable, and flower pot.
To do this, every day from 19 hours up to 7-8 hours close shoots opaque black film or wooden box. Another option – you can make a removable frame covered with opaque material, such as roofing material. Under these conditions, the radish grows up to 10 cm in diameter, while maintaining palatability.
If, despite all efforts, the radish is preparing to throw the arrow, try to use another old peasant method : two fingers tap on the root on top and press it into the soil, clapping along at the outlet by hand. Will be appropriate and "sacred words": "Pout, sulk, and bloom don't you dare!"
In addition, you need to remember that radishes are extremely hydrophilic and water him regularly and abundantly. If moisture is not enough, the taste is not traditional, a nice tart - spicy, and bitter. This radish to eat do not want to.