The simplicity of the character of dill has made this culture favorite in the garden. However, the seeds of dill can climb partially, or not ascend at all. This is facilitated by the following main reasons.

Acidic soil

Dill on acidic soil grows. Therefore, at high acidity it will be useful to make ash, hydrated lime, dolomite flour in advance in the fall.

Heavy clay soils

Dill-the minion will not break through the heavy soil. Seeds just die or seedlings will be minimal and weak. To get fluffy greens, you need to work with soil structure. To improve heavy soil, introducing organic residues, manure, sand, peat, chopped straw, fresh sawdust. Sowing of green manure also gives good result.


Only in well-lit areas fennel is to grow. In the shaded plants will grow pale, weak and without flavor.

Old seeds

Fresh seeds fennel first class have a germination rate of 60%, second - 40%. And their germination dill retains 2...3 years. Buying seeds, freshness can be determined on the "eye", the flavor of the purchased bag. Strong aroma speaks of freshly harvested seed yield.

Incorporation of seeds in the soil

Given the different structure of the soil and sowing seeds should be different. Too shallow or deep planting will affect the quality of germination of dill.

Sowing in rows or randomly

With a thick sowing dill seeds in narrow rows, the seeds begin to push each other and fight for survival. Fennel likes plenty of space and the best option would be planting in wide rows or randomly.

Long-running shoots

Fennel seeds lugovskoye. Essential oily coat covering the seeds is an obstacle to the rapid germination. Dill seeds to germinate faster, they are soaked in warm water several times changing the water. The first seedlings from high quality seeds emerge in 7 ...10 days. If the seeds do not soak the fennel begins to rise two weeks later.


Dill loves natural food, namely organic matter, humus. Only on nutrient loosened soils can be grown fluffy greens. Fertilizers should not be used. Dill culture fast-growing, useful, vitamin, and extra chemistry totally useless. With weak growth it is better to feed an extract of humates.