You will need
  • - Seeds of fennel;
  • - Boiling water;
  • - Natural honey.
If you need to use diuretics, try to do without pharmaceutical drugs. Use for the regulation of water metabolism fennel seeds. Please note, continued use of seeds must be confirmed with your doctor. There are contraindications to the use, seemingly harmless plant. For example, it is not recommended to drink the decoction of fennel seeds in the presence of low blood pressure, kidney failure, hypersensitivity, and cholelithiasis.
Diuretic effect of fennel seeds perfectly demonstrates regular use of the decoction. To prepare the remedy is easy. Enough to take a teaspoon of fennel seeds and brew them in a Cup of boiling water. Brew a diuretic should for 20 minutes. Broth should take 3-4 times throughout the day. The recommended dose is a single dose is 2 tablespoons. It is advisable to drink a decoction for half an hour before meals.
You can prepare an infusion of fennel seeds, together with dried herbs. Herbs and seeds, mix in equal amounts and pour a tablespoon of the mixture 0, 5 liters of boiling water. To insist means to be, wrapped the warm towel capacity. About an hour later the infusion is ready. Suggest to drink it 3 times a day half a Cup. The tool is a great help in such kidney diseases as nephrosis or nephritis. To make the drink taste sweeter and enhance its healing properties, add the infusion before drinking a bit of natural honey.
Another way to use fennel seeds for the normalization of the excretion of urine and reduce swelling of tissues, the use of seed powder. Seeds grind with coffee grinder and store in a dry clean container in a dark place. Take the powder 3 times a day 1st gr about half an hour before a meal. Take a powder warm boiled water. By the way, it is recommended that before taking slightly warmed infusions and decoctions of the seeds, as in this case, their effectiveness is increased.