As in adolescence, the body's metabolism is usually still quite active, remove fat from the abdomen will not be too difficult. You first need to adjust the diet and nutrition. It is important to abandon any fast food: burgers, fries, chips and other foods that can be easily bought at any kiosk.
Also from the diet, you should eliminate sweet drinks, candy and chocolate, products made of butter and dough. All of this food is not only no benefit, but also affects your figure and health in General. It contains high amount of preservatives and harmful substances that accumulate in the body and slows down normal metabolism.
While on a diet to sit in any case impossible, especially in adolescence. For the normal development of the organism should receive all necessary vitamins, minerals and dietary supplements. This is why you should eat fish, meat, vegetables and fruit. Several times a week, you should try to include in the menu of eggs, dairy products, cereals, nuts and even potatoes.
If possible, cook yourself or ask your parents to cook your meals in the oven or steamer, and not fry in the butter. Because of this you will eat only healthy food, which will not be deposited in subcutaneous fat.
Follow the diet. In no case do not miss a full Breakfast and lunch when you can eat cereal, any dairy products, muesli, bread, eggs and liquid food – they're converted into energy. Dinner also should pay attention to, trying to eat it before 7 PM. Dinner is better to eat meat or fish. As snacking between meal, use fruit, yogurt or vegetables, but not the buns or sandwiches.
Keep an active lifestyle that will help you regain a slender waist. It is not necessary every day to go to the gym – enough to play a couple of hours in any sports games, whether football, badminton, tennis, basketball or volleyball. You can also go swimming, Jogging or Cycling for at least 30 minutes a day. Enroll in some sports section or just go out more often to play in the yard with the guys. Remember, if you prefer active rest,not playing on the computer, from the stomach very quickly there will be no trace.
Try to download the press every day or every week increasing the number of approaches. We should not forget about the lower abs, which can be strengthened by lifting the feet from the supine position, and about the side.