You will need
  • calculator;
  • - the statement in Arbitration court, if the reasons for overdue payments respectfully.
If you are behind on some payments, it can send you a payment receipt with the completed stitching penalties, but most often are requested to calculate the interest yourself. Payment of the penalty may include not only penalties for each day of delay, but also fines or other fee.
Interest is calculated by a simple formula in which the amount owed and multiply by the number of overdue days of the execution of debt and multiply it by the refinancing rate of the CBR on the payment date. Today it is 1/300. To the calculated figure, add the principal and pay the total amount in the nearest branch receiving payments from the population.
For example, if the amount of your debt payment is 10000 rubles of overdue days for the performance of debt 30, the calculation would look like this: 10000х30:300=1000 rubles - fines for 30 days of delay. To this amount add the basic debt - for example, it is 10,000 rubles. The resulting amount is the total payment for the debts. Can calculate interest for one day. The 10000 divide by 300, will receive 33 rubles 33 kopecks penalty for one day late payment.
If you do not agree with the generally accepted norms of payment of penalties, you can apply to the court of Arbitration. The same can be done by a representative of the company that you owe. The court may take into account certain circumstances that are present in the form of documentary evidence or testimony and to reduce or increase the penalty. In particular, the proof that you were not able to repay the debt due to a serious illness and presents a certificate or certificate of delay or non-payment of wages – is a strong circumstance to reduce the penalty or cancel. But it can be done only on the basis of court orders.
If the company that you should go to court and present evidence that your failure to pay incurred significant financial or other losses, you can not only increase the amount of fines, but also to award to pay damages and other costs.