What dream children

If you dream of beautiful and healthy children, it promises you happiness and prosperity. You delighted look at the beautiful children is going to be pretty. Very soon you will know something that can completely change your life.

Sick or crying children, to grief and financial problems.

If you dream of many children, it means the success you will achieve, having spent a lot of effort. Will have to go through many obstacles before you will be able to achieve this.

In the dream you feed the kids – expect the unexpected news. Perhaps that news will come from afar, from the person with whom you no longer communicate.

To breast feed – unexpected news that caught you by surprise. A long and hard work, before you your efforts will be rewarded.

The children cry in my sleep, you try to reassure them — this dream indicates a serious health problems. Pay attention to your state of health and contact, if necessary, for help to the professionals. Generally, a crying baby in a dream signifies problems in all spheres of life. A baby crying in a dream warns the dreamer about what is ahead it will face difficult times.

To dream of this little girl will be very surprised. Unexpected news will make a mess in life.

To dream of a little boy – pleasant events, profit, win, windfall profits.

Sleep children you lead somewhere

If in the dream the child you are me, then pay special attention to the circumstances of the dream. Perhaps this is a warning dream. It all depends on where and how to call you children.

Sometimes these dreams are very scary. Children immerse you in unknown places where you sometimes even danger.

Such dreams say about your doubt. You are very happy, constantly thinking about what your life could have been much better. The subconscious mind gives you the answer with the dream of children that you call somewhere. It is a signal that it is time to change this situation, and the environment will help to answer the questions.

To see dead children in dreams

This dream means the collapse of all your plans and hopes. Everything you dreamed of, turn to ashes. There comes a difficult period in your life, you will have to mobilize all their potential, to try to start from scratch.

To see a dying child in a dream – the collapse of all hopes, of particular importance becomes a dream when a dream before some important event such as before an important interview. A dream about a dying child, they would have problems. All what you dreamed of, turn to ashes. Will have to gather all his courage to successfully and with the least damage to themselves through this difficult period.

If childless girl dreams of many children, this means early pleasant change in her life.

For men dream about children of promise problems. You should pay special attention to your surroundings. There is a risk of becoming a victim of fraud on the part of people who pretend to be friends.

To beat, to punish the child in a dream – to overcome the difficulties, a successful attempt to change his life, the victory over himself.

What dream children pregnant women

There are two completely opposite opinions, what have children to pregnant women. Needless to say, that a woman awaiting the birth of a child can often dream of the children. Some believe that such dreams can even predict the sex of the baby.

It is believed that if a pregnant woman is dreaming of a female child, then she be born a girl men boy. However, there is opposite opinion, which is based on the fact that dreams are a mirror reflection of reality, and therefore treat such sleep should be Vice versa. The girl in the dream promises the birth of the boy, and dream boy heralds the birth of a girl.