What have babies? Positive interpretation

In principle, dream babies is a positive dream. Miller says it's to any unexpected news or a pleasant surprise. You also need to remember the fine details. For example, well maintained and clean baby dreamer says the beginning of a favorable period in his life. Hasse believes, if you observe how the little lead in the handle, the reality of the coming prosperity and successful resolution of certain cases. Moreover, it is certain that from the dreamer that will depend a little. Everything will happen by itself.

According to dream interpretation Tsvetkova, if the girls dream that they breast-fed infants, it is to happiness and prosperity. To see in sleep how baby fell asleep in the arms - for good fortune in the future. Miller advises not to upset those who had dead babies. No need to think that this is some kind of bad dream. Nothing of the sort! On the contrary, the dream Miller interprets this picture as the successful completion of cases initiated, by the good news from afar, and financial reward. Breast boys dream of women to wealth and longevity, and girls to the beauty and long youth.

What have babies? The negative interpretation

There are dreams in which babies symbolize something negative. According to the astrology of Juno, thin and dirty baby predicts solid bankruptcy and misery to the dreamer. If the child cries bitterly, and the dreamer can't get it to calm down, then coming unpleasant situation. Perhaps the owner of the dream will have to endure strong shock, experience stress. All of this can affect his health, which in turn can lead to intractable disease.

Dream interpretation Vanga treats hungry babies is seen as coming at the dreamer's grief. In addition, it is an indication that the dreamer little time for their children and loved ones. Wang calls a bad dream one in which a young girl sees herself as a small child! The Oracle believes that such a dream warns of bad rumors and gossip that go around about this woman. They dismiss evil tongues, hoping to blacken her name.

Another bad interpretation of the dream babies – the search thereof. For example, if the baby was somewhere far away and was the name of the dreamer to help him, and he went to look for him, the quest is crowned with success, promise a mountain of problems and serious illness. If the baby was never found, the professional career can give a crack.