In General, the dream about breast-feeding does not portend anything bad. Most often this is a hint to the dreamer that he is under the protection of the Universe. But the omission to nothing lead. You need to be prepared to change and to action, which will be able to realize their most ambitious plans.

Breasts in a dream as the mother archetype

The image of the mother's breast in a dream may be regarded as mother nature, promising protection, assistance, abundance, prosperity, well-fed life, and in a more narrow sense of motherhood. When this dream woman recently gave birth, it hardly needs deep interpretation. Everything is logical – a young mother is entirely focused on what her care from morning to evening. Perhaps she was concerned about the lack of milk.

To see yourself in your dream nursing for women of any age – a common occurrence. For a young unmarried girl this dream foretells a happy future with the young man, and for women age – a sign of family well-being.

Feeding in the sleep chest can act as an opportunity to provide financial support to someone close to you. The woman in this case still acts as a mother, caring. But this concern is not a burden. A dream in which a woman is able to feed someone, suggests that she had sufficient strength and energy. But if in the dream see it the milk itself, it also means.

A pregnant woman to dream of yourself, nursing your baby – easy birth. At the same time to feed multiple babies to happy motherhood. So, the kids will only make us happy. A woman suffering from any ailment, a dream about breastfeeding promises a speedy recovery. To feed to the dreamer – to adversity that can be overcome with the help of friends.

If such a dream sees a man, it is a warning that he lives off women, and we need to change this situation. If the representative of the stronger sex in the dream, I saw myself breastfeeding, so he will soon assume the duties of head of the family.

When breast feeding in a dream - a good sign

Nude female breast has "negotiable" in the negative direction. It can be a shame, disclosure, remorse, repentance, punishment (beating his chest) or misfortune. A bad sign is a dream in which a woman sees herself breastfeeding adult male. It can predict how shame and what a man wants to fraudulently take possession of her property.

Feed another child to the betrayal, and if feeding occurs in a crowded place, we should expect revelations. Hidden desires become known to a wide circle. Such a situation in a dream often predict that we should expect dishonesty from familiar people who have had to help.

When the woman in the dream puts the baby to the breast and he discovers the lack of milk, this means that you need to "remove the rose-colored glasses" and stop to idealize the situation. Attempt in the dream to find a woman who will feed the baby your milk is to insult and humiliation.