Children on their hands. A modern dream book

To download in dreams in the hands of a sick baby does not Bode well. Waking the dreamer may face severe adversities and difficulties in life. Keep on hand thrown by someone of the baby – to financial profit in the near future. Pregnant women are such a dream can predict a baby's gender: if the child holds the woman, she, most likely, have a daughter, but if man – the light appears boy.

What have the babies in their arms? Oriental dream book

Young girls male infants in the hands of promise in the future the appearance of fans. Men are dreams and promise all possible help from friends in one way or another difficult situation. If the hands had a girl, the reality of the coming creative achievements and big initiatives. The interpreters of the dreams, I advise you not to miss any possibilities.

French dream book: children on their hands

According to this dream book, the children dream in a hitherto unprecedented success. If a woman dreams, she not only holding a baby but feeding a baby in real life, many of her innermost desires come to fruition. It is curious that they will come true fairly quickly and in a short time.

Babies. Dream Interpretation Tsvetkova

Naked Babes on hands dream to the great misfortunes that would soon befall the dreamer. To ignore them will not succeed, however, you can try to reduce the possible impact to a minimum: for this of the dreamer requires endurance, patience and mind. It would be nice to enlist the support of friends who are willing to help to survive all the vicissitudes of fate.

Sick babies in their arms having to severe depression, which soon will take possession of the dreamer. Not ruled out visits to the therapist who will prescribe the appropriate treatment. In principle, taking anti-depressants is a possible negative development of the real events after this dream, therefore, should not worry too much about it. To hold the baby and talk to him in a dream – to disease of a character.

Children on their hands. Dream Interpretation Vanga

Keep baby's dirty hands to try to rock him back to sleep and tried to Lisp to the black strip in real life: coming numerous problems and continuous bad luck. Lulling the baby, holding it with clean hands, firm belief in success and in a higher power. Apparently, the dreamer lacks the spiritual soil to achieve the goals. But after this dream they will be achieved!