One of the reasons that it is impossible to cut hair women, awaiting the birth of a child, is the claim that in this case, disappear the force required for a favorable birth. The hair hid the focus of the life force, and losing some of the hair, the woman is weaker. Sometimes it is suggested that it is possible to shorten the life of the child – he is born lifeless. All these fears are without medical Foundation and, therefore, they can be considered highly questionable.

But in ancient times it is believed girls grew their hair, braiding them into a thick braid. After marriage the scythe is divided into two parts, which meant – of his life force a woman sends her children. Therefore, in Russia the hair is not clipped, because it meant changing their destiny, often not for the better. Married women wrapped their hair around the head and hid them from curious eyes under the headdresses and scarves. During sleep long and thick braid could hide a small child, protecting him from the cold. It was believed that women's health depends on the length and condition of hair. In our days healthy, long and shiny hair indicate that the woman is all right with health.

The opinion of the barbers on this score is understandable – to change her hairstyle during pregnancy has no meaning. Hair will not fit into a new hairstyle, but if you decide to tint them again, the color can come in unexpected. All this is due to the hormonal changes, which disrupts the structure of the hair – they can not only adequately respond to the staining, but and start to curl if I was straight, and Vice versa. In the period of gestation only makes sense to cut the ends of your hair, evening them.

Another explanation for the fact that women should have long hair, it is the opinion of the midwives. Immediately after birth, changes occur in the subcutaneous layer related to the production of melanin – the face may remain yellow-brown spots. To avoid this, some midwives still force pregnant women to RUB the face with her hair, and when they can't do this, then perform all movements independently.