Advice 1: How to determine who you on a horoscope

Horoscope is an astrological forecast of the fate of the individual, entire communities, cities or States depending on the position of the heavenly bodies. Most popular horoscopes are based on the affiliation of the person depending on the time of birth to any zodiac sign. Eastern zodiac calendar based on a 12-year cycle where each lunar year corresponds to their animal.
How to determine who you on a horoscope
You will need
  • Hour, day, and year of your birth.
If the date of your birth comes at a time when one character replaces another, those who were born before 12 hours of the day belong to the previous sign.
Use your date of birth to determine your zodiac symbol.

March 21 - April 20 - Aries

April 21 - may 20 - Taurus

May 21 - June 20 - Gemini

June 21 - July 20 Cancer

July 21 - August 21 Leo

August 22 - September 21 Virgo

September 22 - October 22 - Libra

October 23 - November 21 - Scorpio

November 22 - December 20 - Sagittarius

21 Dec - 19 Jan - Capricorn

January 20 - February 18 - Aquarius

19 Feb - 20 Mar - Pisces
Many modern astrologers claim that these boundaries were approved at the Assembly of the International astronomical Union in 1928, and during this time the annual path of the Sun among the stars changed and includes a thirteenth zodiac constellation – Ophiuchus. It was proposed to reform the zodiac circle, make a constellation, which will correspond to people born between 30 November and 17 December, and to displace other signs of the zodiac, according to modern situation. But while this decision has not yet been approved by checking your horoscope, we orientirueshsya on the traditional zodiac circle.
The Chinese horoscope is based on the identity of the person, date of birth, to a certain lunar year. If you were born in January or February, your lunar year may differ from your solar year of birth.

Find in Internet a table that lists start and end dates of the lunar years and the animals-symbols of year. Let's see what animal fits your year and date of birth. It can be a Rat, Rabbit, Dragon, Ox, Tiger, Snake, Sheep, Monkey, Horse, Rooster, Dog or Boar. You can now find your Chinese horoscope.
Useful advice
There are several well-known but less popular horoscopes.

Zoroastrian horoscope is based on the 32-year-old calendar cycle, where each year their animal patron.

In druid horoscope every year has been divided into two segments, which were allocated 18 pairs of periods, 4 days of solar equinoxes and solstices. It happened 22 of wood that make up the horoscope of the druids.

Indian horoscope is based on 27 signs of the lunar zodiac.

Advice 2 : How to read people's behavior

The behavior of people is a complex physiological act. Human actions can depend on two components. The first is own personality traits formed in the process of human life. The second is the influence of the momentary situation, which causes a certain impact on personality. Human behavior can be roughly represented as a sum of the words spoken with a certain intonation, gestures, facial expressions and overall physical activity. Learning to read these characters, you can understand who you are dealing with.
How to read people's behavior
Pay attention to words and intonation. Out of all the components of human behavior they are the most obvious and intuitively perceived by the interlocutor. However, despite its apparent simplicity, these components of behavior are the most insidious. Very often it is said does not match what the person really feels.
Examine the facial expression of his companion. There are many nuances of facial expressions to determine mood of a person. Raising eyebrows are the expression of surprise, and their sharp intelligence says about the aggression, tension, thought. Facial asymmetry often indicates skepticism, doubt, in some cases, expresses the mockery of the source.
Let's see how the interlocutor looks at you. Avoidance of eye contact may indicate embarrassment, shame or embarrassment felt by a person during a conversation on the subject. On the contrary, overly long eye contact indicates possible anger, aggression, or trying to apply psychological protection. People tend to look in the eyes when you listen to him, not when they say themselves. If the person tries not to look at you, it's possible that he's hiding something.
Watch the hands. Open hands indicate trust and openness between the interlocutors. On the contrary, crossed arms or legs chained to the castle's fingers – an attempt to defend a closed position. Crossed his arms – a strong position, emphasizing the steadfastness of human opinion. Remember, it is this gesture in the sight of the teenagers, when you listen to older sermons.
Watch the way they walk. The man who walks fast and gesturing with his hands, has a clear goal and feels strong enough to implement it. If the person keeps his hands in his pockets, even when it's warm – he's secretive and likes to suppress others. Unbuttoned jacket says about the openness and complete trust. The position of the hands when walking on the hips would indicate a person prone to impulsive acts. Shuffling gait – the expression of uncertainty and confusion.
Pose of a man. One should not perceive the interlocutor as a set of individual elements of facial expressions, look at how pronounced the suitability of individual gestures to each other and the General body position of the interlocutor in General. For example, confined to the castle hand and foot, thrown back on his leg, talking about the critical attitude of the subject to what is happening. Easily recognizable also poses flirting – men is widely spaced legs in the standing position, index fingers behind the strap. In women, this is the hand lying on his leg, gracefully arched back.
In order to make a complete judgment about a person's character, not enough of a single observation. You need to monitor it closely in different situations, to conduct a more detailed analysis of the traits of his personality.
The gestures of the person can tell about his intentions, inner mental attitude. The correct interpretation of the observed phenomena allows us to avoid mistakes and disappointment in the person.
Useful advice
Getting to the interpretation of the behavior of the interlocutor, remember that many gestures are fundamentally different in men and women. So, a handshake for men – expression of confidence, the possibility of finding joint solutions for women – an attempt of application of the protection. Hand applied to the chest – a flamboyant gesture of openness in men, and an expression of confusion and fear in women.
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