The element of Fire belong the signs of Aries (March), Leo (August) and Sagittarius (December). People belonging to this element, different temper and impulsiveness. They quickly ignite passion, this is a very enthusiastic, creative people. Among them are many actors, businessmen, teachers. All professions that have something in common with mummery, fit this element. However, people born under these signs very quickly lose interest in the case. They better perform short tasks, even with making difficult, responsible decisions. They will cope with this brilliantly. Work, stretched in time, bring on those signs of boredom. And they throw all the unfinished business.
The element of Water - Cancer (July), Scorpio (November), Pisces (February - March). The water element is dominant in the horoscope, it makes people withdrawn, prone to soul-searching. It is among these characters most introverts. They are calm, reasonable, attentive. Most of these qualities will be useful in the job of an accountant, economist, lawyer. In the specialties where you don't need communication with people, Cancer, Scorpio and Pisces succeed. In contrast to the fire element, they are not able to take quick decisions. They need to think things through, weigh all the "pros" and "cons". And only after that they will take the most neutral solution that ensures the interests of all parties.
The Element Of Air. It includes the constellations Gemini (may), Libra (October) and Aquarius (January-February). In the characters of these signs are present impermanence. They, like the breeze, leaning first to one, then to another. The people of the air element very easy going. They are always ready to help a friend, very kind and open. Very talkative, so they will fit a profession where you need to communicate a lot. This policy, the sellers, the staff of customer support services. Air signs easily grasp new information, therefore, often a scholar. Because of the kindness and sociability are extremely gullible, so they often get hooked to the charlatans.
Elements of the Earth obey the three remaining sign of the zodiac - Taurus (may), Virgo (September), Capricorn (December - January). People born under these signs, is very confident. Even if wrong, will stand their ground. They are profound and practical. Like professions associated with precise manual work. Among them are many jewelers, computer specialists, assemblers of electronic equipment. They love a job that doesn't require constant switching to new challenges. Very often a lifetime are in one place and in one position. These signs are very permanent, and if you fall in love, forever. Their families are strong, most of all in life only one marriage. In the case of divorce, left alone, still love the former second half.