Advice 1: How do you know your Eastern horoscope

The Eastern horoscope is different from the European that the characters in it is not distributed within one calendar year, they cover a twelve-year cycle. There is an ancient legend that Buddha invited to the celebration of the New Year all the animals, but the invitation was responded to only 12 of them: rat, ox, tiger, cat, dragon, snake, horse, goat, monkey, rooster, dog and pig. Then Buddha decided to reward the animal, giving each of them a year. People born in the year of an animal, largely possess the qualities inherent in it. Find out your Eastern horoscope can be read the characteristics of each animal.
People born in the year of an animal, largely possess the qualities inherent in it.
Rat: 1960, 1972, 1984, 1996, 2008 years.
People born in the year of the Rat, are cautious and cunning. Thanks to his foresight, the Rat always knows how to avoid trouble and achieve success. She little values the friendship, but loves company. The rat loves to intrigue on the sly, his nature is selfish. Family life she likes the stability, but does not know how to diversify the relationship.
Bull: 1961, 1973, 1985, 1997, 2009 years.
Bull in all things perseverance and stubbornness. He goes to his goals ahead. Often his efforts are fruitless, but he doesn't bother thinking about the best ways. The ox is slow, but the low speed of life it is quite satisfied. Main principle of life for the bull to reach the stability in everything. He is hardworking, always able to feed his family, if not in mental work, physical labor.
Tiger: 1962, 1974, 1986, 1998, 2010 years.
Tigers are active and energetic, they are always busy with something, sometimes bring themselves active to the point of exhaustion. They are very charismatic people, they know how to please everybody. Tigers tend to know a lot, constantly learning. Sometimes they are very contradictory in their actions.
Rabbit: 1963, 1975, 1987, 1999, 2011 years.
Rabbit - refined nature, he has a calm disposition. Rabbit does not like conflict, it can be called lucky for life. He has a rich inner world, it is important to be surrounded by beauty. Quiet, calm, rabbit is committed to family life. He is a big family.
Dragon: 1964, 1976, 1988, 2000, 2012 years.
The dragon likes to surprise and even shock. This bright personality, but at heart he is very vulnerable. The dragon does not comply with the rules, he lives and acts according to their own principles. He is an optimist and loves to be the center of attention.
Snake: 1965, 1977, 1989, 2001, 2013 years.
Snake always looks beautiful, she is elegant and sophisticated. Snake has a great influence on people, she manages to bewitch, to charm others. It easily reaches the material well-being, as mind is spending the money and able to save. A snake tends to be protected, so chooses a strong partner.
Horse: 1966, 1978, 1990, 2002, 2014 years.
Horse active and energetic. It's creative, artistic personality. She lives plays a role and is rarely by itself. Horse tend to lie. Only a strong love can make a horse take hold of the mind. Unfortunately, in the horse's life is often unrequited love.
Sheep: 1967, 1979, 1991, 2003, 2015 years.
Sheep - the most optimistic sign of the Eastern horoscope. She's thoughtless, careless, she has a rich imagination. Sheep neglects the money, so often she has a lot of debt. Sheep are lazy, so she needs a partner, protecting, and providing for her, which in turn she will entertain and amuse in all ways. Sheep are talented, but because of the carelessness of her talent may go unnoticed.
Monkey: 1968, 1980, 1992, 2004, 2016.
The monkey loves to laugh above all, she is cunning and witty. Loves company, but very self-centered by nature. She doesn't have much interest in money and position in society. The only thing that inhibits the monkey is old age.
Cock: 1969, 1981, 1993, 2005, 2017 years.
The rooster gives the impression of a narcissist. He's actually very open, trusting, always willing to help. Roosters are sociable, sometimes overly. They are often successful in their careers, like being admired. Cock is always watching his appearance, he's a purist.
Dog: 1970, 1982, 1994, 2006, 2018 years.
The dog - man mood. If she's in a good mood, it shows attentiveness, keenness, if today is not her day, it may spoil the mood of everyone around us. The dog is honest, hardworking, responsible. She does not tolerate injustice.
Pig: 1971, 1983, 1995, 2007, 2019 years.
Pig is perhaps the most welcoming sign. Her kindness sometimes has no limits. She loves to help, he does it for free. The pig is often depressed, but experiencing it on the inside. The best holiday for Pigs peace and quiet, better in nature.

Advice 2: Oriental horoscope compatibility Rat and Rabbit

The relationship between the Rabbit and the Rat are very interesting. They rarely fall in love with each other at first sight. Often their romantic relationships start with a long friendship. Between them there is an intense passion, but understanding and mutual respect will be present in this pair.
Oriental horoscope compatibility Rat and Rabbit

Love and marriage

People born in the year of the Rabbit, not inclined to show his feelings to anyone. They need some time to get to know and be able, finally, to open to your partner. For all his natural gentleness of character, the Rabbit can fight back at the right time.

Unfortunately, the Rat is often wrongly perceive the Rabbit as having a weak personality. She begins to actively suppress their partner. Sometimes the desire to dominate leads active Rat very far. She begins to behave aggressively, very eccentric and openly defiant. The rabbit will turn a blind eye to such behavior. After all those wonderful moments that he is able to give the Rat is undoubtedly worth it.

Rabbit, watching the restless behavior of Rats, begins with time, it correctly to manipulate. He skillfully plays on her weaknesses. People born under the sign of the Rat, characterized by instability of the nervous system. Often, they often live at the margin. If the Rabbit will not be able to neutralize, distract or calm their half, the Rat can frankly get bored and lose the taste for life.

In Rats, craving for travel and adventure. Without new experiences, she is simply uninteresting to live. The Bunny needs to accept it and often try to entertain their beloved Rat.The most desired gift for Rats would be a trip around the world together with your loved one.

All the care about the financial well-being in this pair Rat takes over. Rabbit needs the support, and a Rat can become for him a reliable support.

The Rabbit and Rat is very similar temperaments. If they are imbued with deep feelings, it can make the couple happy.

Male Rat will continuously patronize the woman Rabbit. He will learn to gauge her mood and try to make their life together more comfortable and secured.

Female Rabbit needs to be sensitive to the fact that the Rat is simply vital to constantly be in motion. Attempts to tame and "domesticate" the Rat almost always end in failure. Easier to put up with his constant absence at home than to spoil his life unsuccessful a showdown.

A male Rabbit can take on a woman's shoulders Rats burdens. Soft, and sometimes sleepy Rabbit sees the Rat a strong personality, able to cope with everyday problems. Undoubtedly, the Rat is a very responsible and strong but not to that extent. Every woman, deep down, wants to be weak, and to see the person on whom you can count on. The Bunny needs to understand the Rat that he is ready to share all the burdens. Only then can the Union be viable

Friendship and business partnership

Friendship between Rat and Rabbit develop favorably. They get along well and have a great understanding of each other's problems. They don't get to see often, to be aware of all the Affairs of his friend. Sometimes, they may not communicate over the years, but then still renew relations.

In the business Rat better not mess with the Rabbit. Partners will attempt to use each other at every opportunity. The desire to capture the leadership will have a negative impact on the overall business. Rabbit is hard to find a common language with the Rat, especially when it comes to money. However, sometimes you can find happy exceptions, but still the Rabbit and the Rat is better to stay away from each other in business, especially when it comes to large enterprises. From this cooperation will be more trouble than real benefit.

Advice 3: Oriental horoscope compatibility Monkey and Tiger

Find your soul mate in modern life is very difficult. Oriental horoscope compatibility will help to lift the veil of secrecy and to avoid many awkward situations. One of the most colorful and controversial character combinations can be considered to be a Tiger and a Monkey. Their life together can be incredibly happy or Vice versa. The future of this pair will depend entirely on the willingness of the partners to be together.
Oriental horoscope compatibility Monkey and Tiger

Love and marriage

The problem of this couple is that they are very similar in nature. Tiger and Monkey differ sharp mind and a natural insight. They are intellectuals, researchers and romance. They both have a constant need for new people and lead an active social life.

The romance between Monkey and Tiger proceeds rapidly. Emotions overflowing, passion is literally flooded with both signs. They are happy to give this extraordinary feeling entirely. The tiger captures the frenzy of the Monkey, her sensuality and openness.

Sexual relationship at the beginning of the novel also resemble the ocean during a storm. The tiger is capable of deep feelings, and the Monkey will provoke his bold experiments. Such relationship can not last long.

Monkey thinks Tiger is clever enough to play on his weaknesses. Sooner or later the Tiger will begin to tire of the constant voltage from that crazy rhythm that he imposes a Monkey.

Of course, such relationships are long-term prospects, but for the Tiger and Monkey is a more viable option of living together. They will have to learn to listen to the wishes and feelings of each other. The monkey and the Tiger will go a long way in order to achieve spiritual Union. A happy marriage is possible with mutual respect.

Female Monkey has to learn to behave in a more restrained and less brazenly. To her Union with a Tiger important not to forget that he is much wiser, stronger and more experienced than her.

The hardest thing will be to build relationships between a male Monkey and a female Tiger. Here success will be the material well-being. If the Monkey will be well-paid and interesting work, the Tiger will feel comfortable. Stability in this pair will depend entirely on the patience of the Tiger.

The friendship between a Tiger and a Monkey

These two together is not boring and bored others. Around them is always a lot of people who are very interested in spending time with them. Tigers are great storytellers, and Monkeys – an extraordinary entertainer.

Maybe they can not become intimate friends who are willing to come to the rescue at any moment, but close friends they can be completely. Usually Tigers are well-deserved public respect. The monkey is very flattering friendship with a strong and courageous Tiger.

Joint business and business relationships

Leadership qualities of these characters help to achieve success in almost any field. They are talented and resourceful. Both know how to achieve this.

The monkey is famous for his ability to persuade, and the Tiger is able to inspire confidence. They go to the goal, without fear of obstacles. Monkey and Tiger – a wonderful business partners. However, only when their joint case is just beginning. In the future, it is desirable to split up, otherwise the constant struggle for supremacy could destroy a successful company.

Advice 4: Oriental horoscope compatibility: Pig and Snake

The snake is worth nothing to fall in love with unsuspecting Pig. These two blend well with each other, but to call their relationship is not harmonious. It is sometimes very difficult to understand your partner. Snake in the Union will begin to miss you and the Pig will feel tired and devastated.
Oriental horoscope compatibility: Pig and Snake

Romance and family life

It happens that two opposites can coexist peacefully, complementing each other. Relationship of the Snake and the Pig is, unfortunately, not the case. However, in reality this combination is common. For a pair of Snake-Pig huge role in the play compatibility Zodiac signs under which they were born.

Often the Snake and the Pig are living in a marriage of habit. Between them the raging passions, they do not experience deep emotions to your partner. The fact that both of them do not relate to signs, does not give them the capacity to develop and deepen their relationship.

Credulity Pigs sometimes exasperated the wise Snake, which will continue to put pressure on the partner. The snake wants everything in their house abide by the rules that may be Pigs are a real torture. The lack of emotion and cold calculation drives the Pig into depression.

Family happiness of this pair depends almost entirely on the Snake. If she will be able to exercise your mind and will provide Pigs a comfortable environment, a long-term relationship between them is possible.

Male Snake will guide and protect the woman a Pig, and it will show their talents in the home, caring for her man and children. A woman born under the sign of the Pig, very trusting, loving and caring. Her optimism will be able to develop in man the Serpent the ability to love and trust your partner. However, the man in this couple can get bored and start looking for fun on the side. To lie to a woman a Pig is very simple, but is it necessary?

In a couple where the Snake woman, and the man – Pig, things are much more complicated. The snake wants to see in your man active and reliable person, who can always be relied upon. This marriage has a future only if a normal financial situation in the family. In this case, the Snake is happy with a fun and sensual Pig.

The friendship between a Pig and a Snake

These two signs are preferred to be in friendly relations. Here they begin to perfectly understand each other. Snake feels free near carefree Pig. Together they love to spend free time. The snake is always ready to give good and wise advice to the hapless Pig.

They are genuinely happy for the successes of each other and always ready to help at a critical moment. The main thing in their friendship – not much closer . They should each have their own space.

Business relationships and joint business

The pig and the Snake is better not to operate in the business sphere, especially in the beginning of a joint project. Huge differences that will be between them always occur, will not make this venture profitable.

The snake will annoy thoughtless Pig. Constant carping and remarks can create an atmosphere of nervousness and tension. It is better to earn money separately from each other.

Advice 5: 1985 - the year of what animal according to the Eastern horoscope

New year in Oriental calendar, unlike the Gregorian familiar to us, the exact fixed date has not. It start on the first day of the first lunar month. Most often it is the middle of January or even February. Therefore, if you were born in the first months of the year and don't know the year of what animal according to the Eastern horoscope, it was necessary to look to the Eastern calendar and specify the date of the new year holiday at the time.
1985 - the year of what animal according to the Eastern horoscope

For those looking for the answer to the question in 1985 – the year of what animal, we should know that according to the Eastern calendar 85 year began on 20 February. This implies that those born before this date, born in the year of the Wooden Rat. And for those born after 20.02.85, protects the Bull. The element of the year – the tree, colour – blue.

After asking the question, "1985 - the year of what animal" born at this time will want to find out what traits gave them a Wooden Bull.

It is of a creative nature, they are inherent liveliness of mind, ardent temperament, initiative. These leadership qualities enable people to be good leaders. Blue Ox understands how to unite any team. But often it interferes with excessive straightforwardness and even ruthlessness. The Bull, being the excellent employee, the same zeal requires from the other, squeezing of the subordinates high. But there is something that is appreciated these people more work – it's their family.

So, 1985. The year of what animal it represents – to understand. What can we say about family life of this representative of the Eastern horoscope? Clearly, the issue of gender equality is not even discussed, as the Bull is the representative of the classic views, absolute conservative. The way this family will be the traditional husband – breadwinner, wife takes care of the family, as a perfect housewife.

The Ox is honest and straightforward, and therefore not wait no catch from others, especially from his half as a consequence rare to find a Bull jealous. People matching this horoscope are not in conflict, they can love, they have such wonderful qualities as loyalty and responsibility. But romance none of them.

1985 according to the Oriental horoscope is the year of the Ox. But each year there are 4 seasons. What can you say about those born in 1985 in winter? I guess they were lucky more than everyone else, because they will always see the fruits of your labor, to enjoy them. Happy autumn and Bulls, they will remove a rich harvest from the fields of their work. In this sense, less fortunate born in the spring and summer. Their labour will often be daunting, but the result will leave much to be desired.



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