Aries is the first Zodiac sign. It is a symbol of life. Unfortunately, the nature of Aries is very selfish and above all, puts their own interests. In addition, Aries are very impulsive and always sure he is right, so they better not argue. But they are always full of new creative ideas, no wonder born under this sign of genius inventor and artist Leonardo da Vinci.
Taurus is always very quiet and solid, it is virtually impossible to withdraw from a state of mental equilibrium. By nature, Taureans are generous, although they are inherent in a heightened sense of ownership. In addition, the characteristic features of this sign are simplicity and sanity.
Gemini – dual, changeable nature. They are distinguished by a high level of intelligence and a pronounced creative capacity. At the same time, they are unstable, painfully sensitive and prone to exaggeration.
Cancer endowed with a great intuition, kindness, and capacity for compassion. Cancer can be very affectionate and loving, but there is always the danger that he may withdraw into himself, to hide from the cruelty of the world.
Leo is the Royal sign, claiming the dominant position among the other signs of the Zodiac. Lions distinguish narcissism and selfishness, but they can be generous and magnanimous.
Virgo possess an analytical mind, they tend to carefully weigh and consider every action and deed. Virgo is considered a sign of purity, but this should not be understood too literally. Although this sign generates a lot of lonely people, still the majority of the Virgins sooner or later finds the family fortune.
Libra, as strange as it may seem, are rarely balanced human beings. Their main feature is the ability to easily find common language with others. Libra is distinguished by such traits as docility, tenderness and sentimentality.
Scorpio is a sign of love and death. Characterized by stubbornness, temper and a propensity for aggression. Scorpio carries a strong passion, he is always decisive and rebellious.
Sagittarius – fickle, witty, funny and inventive sign. Perhaps he lacks diplomacy and emotional delicacy. Sagittarians have a penchant for adventure and longed to leave his unique footprint on the Earth.
Capricorn is wisdom and patience, though at times it may seem too cold and calculating. Capricorns tend to simplicity, moderation, emotional balance, humility and efficiency. Daydreaming and imagination is clearly not their element.
Aquarius – the sign, more than any other attracted to freedom and independence. Aquarians are polite, simple, slightly naive and always full of good intentions. Can be very gullible, but there are secretive Aquarius.
Fish usually float, they obviously do not have enough perseverance and persistence in overcoming encountered on life's path of obstacles. Generally Fish better to be a woman than a man, as excessive dreaminess and indecision are generally considered feminine traits.