Advice 1: Profitable and easy to sell battered car

Few of the drivers escaped with your life situation when a car is out on the cause of the accident. In this situation the question arises, what to do now with the bat machine? Often, such vehicles may not be recoverable. Of course, to sell the car with this disadvantage is much more complicated than sound. However, experts say that everyone, even the "killed" the car will find a buyer.
Profitable and easy to sell battered car

In any case, sell broken car is not an easy task. First of all, you need to determine its value, which is quite difficult. Of course the car is in faulty condition is not necessary in the same price range with their whole brethren. It is clear that the owner of the broken car does not want to give him a little money, and to ask for it full price makes no sense. For this reason, it is better to assign a bit overpriced, given the fact of bargaining.

Another option is to sell the car for parts or in parts. This method can be much more profitable than to sell a broken car as a whole. It happens that in the accident suffered only the car body, then you can sell the survivors inside at the market price.

Besides do not forget about the large number of organizations that work with redemption of broken and defective vehicles. Then the car owner will not need to delve into finding and attracting buyers for the car. Yes and all the essential in the procedure of purchase and sale, the cost and documents, such firms undertake.

Himself a long and laborious process of registration is the owner of the bat car for a few hours. Most likely, it will become less favorable deal than the sale of the car in parts, but this sale will save a lot of time and nerves.

Advice 2: How to determine that the machine is broken

In Russia, the number of sold used cars exceeds the number of sold new cars. If you decide to buy a car used, there is a real risk to buy the battered car that will lead to the emergence of various technical problems in the operation of this car. To accurately determine whether the machine is in an accident, will the car service, but you can identify during the inspection the condition of the car. To do this, pay attention to the following points.
How to determine that the machine is broken
Body painting should be uniform, and the gaps between body panels (front wings and windscreen, the windscreen and the bonnet, front bumper and front wings, the bonnet and wings, front wings and doors, the front and rear doors) – uniform.
Traces of loosening the bolts of the front fenders, hood, and trunk lid.
Check to see if racovalis license plates.
On the bottom traces of welding.
On the windshield should be the mark of the manufacturer, provider, company which manufactured the car.
Doors shall close tightly, without gaps.
Under the hood there should not be drips of oil and coolant.
The absence of curvatures of the fan blades of the cooler.
The condition of electrical equipment: generator, distributor, ignition coil, starter, voltage regulator, relay battery. They must be free of damage, securely attached.
No dents on the fuel lines, fuel tank.
To check the paintwork apply the device-an indicator that the thickness of the coating determines repainted the car or not.
Useful advice
Please note, what kind of paint painted the trunk inside. If the paint other than what's on the outside, this suggests that the car was painted.

Advice 3: How to sell a car for parts

If you sell a car on spare parts (the car not on the move, very broken, etc.) to remove it from the register is not required. But it is better to do it yourself before or after sale, without relying on buyer's (a few will take on a bureaucratic hassle). The deregistration will eliminate the need to pay vehicle tax.
How to sell a car for parts
You will need
  • - a set of documents for removal of vehicle from the register in connection with the disposal;
  • - actions to locate a buyer.
To remove the machine from the register in connection with the disposal must apply to the subdivision of the traffic police at the place of its registration. Itself the car in this case to provide for the inspection is not necessary. Quite a statement, passport, receipt for payment of registration fee, vehicle documents (registration certificate and registration) and license plates. Rooms and documents on the car are subject to availability.
If you go to documents on the number units of utilized cars, for example, the engine will have to provide them to the traffic police for inspection.
You can first find a buyer through ads on specialized sites and in the media and to discuss the price and sale details. In particular, when and who should deliver the car to the agreed place or to take away from the point of its current deployment.
A contract is not required: it is officially car already as such, no. Enough to exchange money for the car. However, for robustness it is advisable to exchange receipts or statements of absence of mutual claims.
In the presence of mutual obligations related to the transaction, reliable also to fix them in writing. Standard contract and samples of other documents can be found on the Internet or seek assistance in the drafting to a lawyer.
Disposed of according to traffic police car again to put on record is impossible. But the plans of the interior Ministry as of the summer of 2011 was to enter into future service cancellation of registration, after which restore the account will be possible.

Advice 4: How to sell battered car

A car accident can be a real headache for the owner of the damaged car. Many decide from such a car just to get rid of. You can sell it in poor condition. You can pre-reconstruction. And you can sell for parts. It all depends on the specific situation.
Broken car is harder to sell than a renovated

Damage assessment

Even if you are not going to restore the car after an accident, be sure to perform a damage assessment. Find out what hurt and how much it will cost to restore.

To assess the damage will help you in most one HUNDRED. However, we must note that the price level is different for everyone. Repairs at authorized dealer brand will cost much more than a garage workshop. Try to find out the average prices for repairs in your case.

If you don't have time to travel to the workshops, you can contact independent experts. As a rule, they are ready to go to the place of storage of the vehicle and objectively assess the cost of repair. Furthermore you will save money on the tow truck.

What to assess the damage, if you do not do repairs? This will help you when bargaining. When the buyer will bring down the price of the car is damaged, you will be able to justify the discount references from the expert.

Ways of selling

Some decide to sell the car, not repairing. The main disadvantage of this method is the loss of money. The demand for such machines is low. The market is saturated with cars in good condition, so the buyer of the bat machine is counting on a significant discount. Here you will need a certificate of cost of repairs.

Another way to repair a broken car before the sale. However, it is justified only in case if the car has suffered not too much. If damage is significant, repairs may not be recouped.

If you are unable to sell their own emergency vehicle, you can turn to professionals. There are companies involved in the purchase of broken machines. This method is simple and easy. But you need to be prepared for the fact that redemption will occur at a low price, as the company plans to cash in on your car.

What if the car cannot be repaired? In this case, you can sell it for parts. It is better as a whole. The fact that some spare parts demand is very low. Sold performance parts, you may find that the rest is simply useless.

If you do not want to become a seller of auto parts, it is possible to apply the so-called automotive critiques. This is a company dealing with car parts for subsequent trade.

It happens that the car is old, its recovery is impractical, and spare parts from him useless. In this case, you can sell a car as scrap metal.
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