What is the spell and why is it needed?

Love spell is a magical effect on the person regardless of gender. The purpose of such intervention is the desire to bring to my object of passion, if you are not able to build the necessary relationships in a natural way.

Usually different magical actions of women hoping to return a loved one or to keep the family together, when all other ways have been tried. So love magic is their life-saving straw, but the consequences of a love spell does not think one.
A good warlock will never take a spell without knowing the need for its implementation. To predict how events can develop in the life of the customer after the spell, the mage offers a preliminary divination.

Magic spell: did the result of the expectations?

Love the performance of actions is determined by the strength of the sorcerer and the energy weakness of the object. Regardless of the "colors" of magic, whether white or black, man in any case, be harmed, or rather his energy-field.

After a visit to the sorcerer, the woman expects a passionate lover who should be on his knees before her and beg forgiveness for treason or an earlier grievance. What's really going on?

Yeah, he's back, but a truly successful person became angry, irritable, sometimes even aggressive. Experiencing a continuing attraction to the woman who charmed a man cannot focus on the important things for him. Previously a successful businessman is taking wrong decisions, gradually leading to the collapse of activity.

The most interesting is that the victim of a love spell doesn't believe "in all sorts of queer things" and flatly refuses to conduct a reverse ritual – removing a love spell. Meanwhile, deteriorating not only its business, but also health.

Why the change in behavior of her husband?

Mistress – another category of women, fascinated by the bewitching magic. Secret meetings can go on for years, but sooner or later the mistress starts to demand from a man to divorce his wife and a family of my own.
The most dangerous in terms of consequences are omens of menstrual blood. Despite the simplicity of its execution, they cause serious diseases of the female genitalia and the birth of defective children.

Not every man decides to break family relations, and then in the course is the heavy artillery in the form of a magical spell. What is the behavior of the husband should be alerted real wife?

Signs of love spell are as follows:
- faded appearance;
- does not wish to participate in the Affairs of the family;
- the inadequacy of the actions;
- the periodic adventures of "left" and return to the family;
- digestive problems arising after a spell on the menstrual blood.

And what about the customer of the love spell?

First, a woman encouraged by the fact that she managed to Woo the beloved and even create a family with him, albeit civil. Apathy and lack of sentiment among men, she withdraws to the difficulties associated with the departure of the former family.

However, the feeling of attachment imposed by the spell, it will never replace true love, and eventually a woman gets it. And if she decides to withdraw from men the love spell, he will immediately walk away from it, and the customer of the love spell in the future will be difficult to arrange his personal life.