Similar symptoms of a love spell exist in both men and women. Enchanted people never will ask their friends and relatives to help get rid of magic effects, on the contrary, if the native people suddenly notice any oddities in the behavior of enchanted people start to fuss and irritated.
For a person who has successfully charmed, enemies become any man and any woman, who are beginning at least to some extent to criticize the object of love. Even if the charmed person monitors their behavior some oddities to do with it he can not do anything, gives up and does not resist the sudden emotions.
People under the influence of a love spell is not able to adequately assess what is happening to him or his family. He withdraws into himself, becomes isolated, loses interest in life because all his thoughts focus on preparative the individual. It should be noted that this isolation, secrecy often leads to the fact that the spell confused with chronic depression.
The behavior of the enchanted person is changing in a characteristic way if his side having the person who cast the spell. The victim of magical effects will perform any whim of the object of adoration, completely to agree with him, try not to be separated from him. Enchanted a person is ready for a direct confrontation with relatives and close friends if they would "interfere with his happiness."
Enchanted man needs his "beloved" and not so much on emotional as on physical level. This is because the spell is a direct invasion of the bioenergy field of the object. This impact affects the human aura, and since she is constantly trying to return to the original "healthy" state, the spell is temporary, requiring constant updates. If you can isolate the person from the one who put him under a love spell, to protect him energetically, after the characteristic withdrawal symptoms a person can acquire immunity to such effects.
After the imposition of the spell and the physical condition of the victim may be quite change. There are frequent mood swings, increased sensitivity and emotion, sentimentality periods often give way to aggressive conditions. Often enchanted man is experiencing increased need for alcohol or other drugs, so he subconsciously tries to ignore his strange and sudden emotion, which can cause discomfort.