Signs of sunburn

In addition to redness and pain from touching the overheating of the skin occurs for a long period of increase of local temperature, skin inflammation, blisters, and General flushing of the body, headache, temporary reduction in visual acuity and General weakness. The next day after you received a large dose of ultraviolet light, can fall sharply immunity, as a result, you can easily get sick of SARS. Therefore it is necessary to take care of oneself and subsequent days do not exacerbate the problem of exposure to the sun.

What threatens a big sunburn

The consequences of excessive sunburn can be very serious:

- increased risk of skin cancer;

- exacerbation of systemic diseases, especially of skin;

- the appearance of cataract;

resistant pigmentation;

- premature aging of the skin.

First aid for sunburn

You first need to cover the burned areas from the sun, and it is better not to go into the shadows. Now the main thing — to relieve pain, moisturize the skin and reduce its temperature. Make a wet compress, clean the red area with an ice cube of pure drinking water or decoction of chamomile.

Avoid mechanical influence on the burnt skin, no scrubs, aggressive detergents and rough clothing.

Drink a lot, as the hot skin evaporates a lot of the liquid. This way you will avoid dehydration, headache, and sudden pressure drop.

What drugs will help, if burned

When the sun burn is good help provide medicines for the damaged skin. First and foremost is "Panthenol" or "Bepanten", comprising dexpanthenol, coenzyme a, lanolin, that form a film on the skin, under which there is a rapid tissue regeneration.

Drug Olazol contains sea buckthorn oil, levomitsetin, benzocaine and boric acid, which together quickly analgesic the burned area, relieve swelling, moisturize the skin and contribute to its speedy recovery. When timely application is possible to avoid blisters and dismount the top layer.

When the temperature of the body it can shoot down, as the body does not need to fight infection. Therefore, you can take aspirin, paracetamol or ibuprofen in a dosage corresponding to age.

Creams and lotions with 1% hydrocortisone reduce inflammation and relieve pain.

Bandages from the burns type "Vocopro", "Paneling N will help in case of blisters, including a broken. They are impregnated with substances which prevent the development in the wound of bacteria, promote granulation and epithelialization tissue without scars.

Folk remedy for burns

For pain relief make a strong sugar solution and apply to the affected place. Also help liquid honey. But crystallized honey can cause mechanical damage to the already irritated skin.

If you have access to fresh aloe leaves or mint, mash them and apply to the affected place. To remove the redness and help compresses or baths with baking soda, after which the skin should be rinsed off.