Sunburn in a young child

Children's skin is less protected than an adult. Babies up to three years risk more to be burned than older children. A child can get a sunburn in just 5-10 minutes of being active under the sun. If the baby skin is bright, it is even more susceptible to burning than dark-skinned baby.

The symptoms of erosion can be seen on the skin of the baby in the evening or even the next morning. However, his skin is red, and the child becomes very hot, the condition worsens, you may experience increased body temperature, skin that is injured, becomes quite painful. Child hurt when he touch the bed or the skin of another person. The baby cries, cannot sleep, cannot eat. Later on the body red spots with small bumps, but not in all cases.
2 days later the baby becomes easier and injured skin starts to go.

How to help a child, burnt in direct sunlight

If the child received minor burn, you can help him at home, without recourse to the doctor. But you should know exactly what first aid measures should be taken. Remember that the first thing on the affected area it is necessary to apply a cool compress and change it as heat, while watching the baby's health.

There is a very well-known folk remedy such as applying to the burns of sour cream or yogurt. Cover the burned surface of the skin of your child these products, and they will help to cool it.
An excellent tool is also cool green tea, you can treat baby skin.

Long known that moisturize, relieve itching and cool the skin, such products and herbs like eucalyptus, chamomile (they can do the bath or just RUB the body with broth), cucumber juice and leaves of cabbage.

In addition, today, there are lots of medicines, ointments and sprays that you can find in pharmacies, but it is important to know if your child has allergies to certain medications.

If there is a temperature increase at the kid to knock it better with paracetamol, it will also help relieve pain and soothe the child.

Once the affected infant will be easier, should continue to monitor his condition and to offer drink plenty of liquids. However, in the case of deterioration of health to urgently seek help from a qualified medical workers.