Sunstroke is a local thermal shock. It only gets uncovered head, and heat stroke – the body. And not necessarily in the sun. You can get and in the hot shop, and even in a hot room with no ventilation, being too warmly clothed.
Sunstroke paralyzes the brain. Because of the strong vasodilation the blood, as they say, hits the head. Overheating mild it begins to ache, nausea, body a weakness, some increase in breathing and heart rate.
For sunstroke the average degree of headache strongly. Man is not just nauseated, begins vomiting. Slight weakness in the body gives way to partial immobility. Coordination of movements is broken, the gait becomes uncertain, precarious as a drunk person.
The overall condition is pre-existing. Tormented by shortness of breath, the victim can't breathe. Can bleed from the nose. Often the temperature rises to 38-39 degrees.
Heavy sunstroke obvious if the face becomes purple, and then pale bluish. The temperature jumps up to 40-41 degrees. Because of putinesti of consciousness of the person answering your questions incoherently, delirious.
The body can include seizures, involuntary leave urine, feces. Dilated pupils is a symptom of a very serious condition and a precursor to loss of consciousness.
Signs of heat stroke, in principle, the same. First – drowsiness, headache, weakness, dizzy. At the further overheating, face red, high fever, starts vomiting, possible diarrhea.
If overheating continues, hallucinations appear, his face was pretty pale, skin is cool and often cyanotic. Man pours then, gasping. The heart is intermittent, the pulse rapid, but detectable with difficulty.
Soon the victim usually loses consciousness while we sleep. If urgently not to undertake resuscitation measures, coma may be fatal and this happens in 20-30% of cases.