Harvesting of winter garlic is in mid-late July. Mature heads should be tight, and the husk is easily removed. Prestavi on beds the vegetable breaks down into teeth, goes back and cleaning becomes impossible, and the young immature head has a loose structure and are poorly stored. A sign of the maturity of the garlic are yellowing, privatsea the lower leaves.

Also to determine when to dig up garlic by inflorescence, it is necessary to leave on the bed a few heads with arrows. Harvest time comes when the wrapper blossoms will burst, will open and visible will be a little bullocki seeds. They can be used to update the seed. From seeds sown in autumn for next summer will grow strong, is clean small head-single bulbils is a great seed.

Ripe garlic are dug and laid under a shed to dry. The drying time depends on the weather and takes 5-7 days. Dried head clean from the dirty top of the scales, cut the roots and stems. If garlic is stored in the queue, the stems are not cut. Optimal storage temperature is 1-5°C, at higher temperatures the garlic dries out.

Perespevshey heads, which went sobocki not stored, they are used in the fall for planting. If you missed the time when to remove the garlic, and the head has not had time to dig – not a problem, in early spring they will sprout. Sprouted seedlings need to sit down, of them will grow a full crop.