You will need
  • - Scissors to trim the stems;
  • - shovel;
  • - candle or gas burner;
  • - slatted shelf (options: wooden crates with lid, sacks of dried nettles);
  • thermometer;
  • - glass jars, sunflower oil and honey (optional).
It is important to remove the garlic in the fall to prevent it from rotting during storage. Start to harvest in dry weather, and after digging up the bulbs like to be dry. Be sure to thoroughly sort through the garlic. For long term storage you should leave only the choicest heads, vegetables with small damage and a moldy set aside separately and consume food in the first place.
Cut the garlic stems with scissors after drying of the crop. Now you need to burn the roots with paraffin candle or a gas burner - this is a very important point that many experienced gardeners to keep the bulbs a long time to complete, to prevent their premature drying and damage.
Divide the garlic for long term storage on slatted shelves is the most often recommended option, which gives excellent results. Layer vegetables in them should not be too thick, enough about 15 centimeters. In addition, it is permissible to put the head in a small wooden box (not a thick layer), but not necessarily so over them and the lid tightly closed remained free space. Many Housewives store the garlic and bundles, as well as in the form of small braided pigtails in limbo. If you have collected a very large crop, then fill the canvas (not plastic!) the bags are pre-dried nettles, store the bulbs in them.
Be sure to observe the optimum temperature of storage of garlic, not to perepoloshit and, in contrast, do not overdry head. It is believed that this vegetable is best stored at temperatures from -5 to +8 degrees. Her strong differences in the room. Normal conditions for storing garlic are in a dry basement and a glazed loggia on the North side.