Garlic as a culture

Garlic is a close relative of the onion. It is divided into spring – it is necessary to plant in the spring like any other vegetable culture – and winter, or winter. Winter garlic, like winter wheat, planted in late autumn. To the snow, he manages only to arise from the beds and then disappearing under the snow. With the spring warmth renews its growth and maturation.
Most varieties of winter garlic streltsa, that is, along with the formation of the underground bulbs are formed on the arrows of the "air bulbs". It is recommended to break off to ensure a better harvest.

Preparation of garden beds

Despite the seeming obligatory resistance to disease and weather vagaries inherent in this culture, the beds for winter, the garlic should still be prepared. Perform certain operations, you are guaranteed to get high harvest yields the following autumn. On a dry Sunny position mark the outline of the future garden beds and make per square meter in a bucket of humus or finished compost.

Add depending on the type and composition of the soil other necessary fertilizers and micronutrients and dig the ground to a depth of at least 20 cm and Then align the surface with a rake, a little seal and treat the soil with copper sulfate solution, following the instructions. Cover the garden bed with a film and from time to time until you can do other things.
When choosing a location, keep in mind that in the beds, where he grew up onion or garlic, to plant it again only after 3-4 years. The best precursors of garlic, pumpkin, cabbage, beans and greens.

When to plant garlic

Russia's vast, many regions are very sharply distinguished from one another according to climatic conditions. Therefore, the timing of planting and other agronomic activities of certain cultures are not the same. Winter sowing, the planting of garlic in the winter, in particular, also does not have the same time. For example, in the Moscow region, Altai region and in the Kuban they will vary significantly.
It is very important to guess the timing. Early planted garlic sprout, let the arrow, and the leaf in the winter can freeze. To miss the timing also means to condemn neocortical teeth on the freezing and death.

Tentative dates for planting garlic in the winter, formed from long practice. For the Northern regions is from 20 September to 10 October. For more southern and warmer regions the earliest date from 10 Oct. Follow long-term forecasts, watch the signs, listen to the opinions of senior and experienced gardeners.